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jb Mar 12, 2018 (edited Mar 12, 2018)


*SOLD* /// Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert (, includes the Can Badge (カンバッジ) which I assume is some sort of button but I haven't opened it. To clarify, this is only the CD version, it is not the DVD or Bluray of the concert. [$35 USD + shipping]
Joe Hisaishi - Music Futures II ( [$30 USD + shipping]

I accidentally ordered two copies of both of these, whoops~.

Contact me via email by clicking my profile name on this post, then clicking the "Email" button on the right hand side of the page. Please reply to this thread when you send an email in case it gets sent to Spam/Junk. I will be cross-posting this on the VGMDB marketplace so first come, first serve.

*edit* Kirby's 25th sold.

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