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Carl May 24, 2008 (edited May 24, 2008)
Click the link for the poster flyers

Dragon Quest IV
08/09/2008 at 6pm
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space
1-8-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro Toshima-ku
Tickets: 5,000 ~ 3,000 Yen

Dragon Quest V
08/20/2008 at 2pm
Kyoto Concert Hall
Tickets: 5,000 ~ 3,000 Yen

Personally I'd love to see the DQ IV performance, that one had a lot of classic favorites in it.

Carl May 24, 2008 (edited May 24, 2008)

Holy crap, Looks like we've been missing coverage of a whole shitload of DQ concerts....

March 2, 2008: DQ VII
March 2, 2008: DQ Brass Quintet
Feb 23, 2008: DQ VIII
Feb 12, 2008: DQ VIII
Feb 10, 2008: DQ I and II
Nov 2, 2007: DQ III
Oct 14, 2007: DQ Brass Quintet
Sept 23, 2007: DQ V
Aug 23, 2007: DQ IV
Aug 9, 2007: DQ VI
July 8, 2007: DQ VIII
June 24, 2007: DQ I, II, III
Feb 26, 2007: DQ Brass Quintet
Feb 11, 2007: DQ VIII
etc, etc, etc...

I had no idea there were THIS MANY sugiyama concerts happening!!!
I thought maybe once a year or something, but man this is a LOT! 

I feel disappointed not to have discovered these listings any earlier...

Chris May 25, 2008 (edited May 25, 2008)

There are Dragon Quest concerts all the time in Japan. I think the annual Family Classic Concerts are the most popular and well-known, though. I believe the 22nd is the Dragon Quest IV one Carl mentioned.

Pedrith May 26, 2008

Wow.  One day I will make it to Japan and attend a Dragon Quest Concert. Hopefully DQIII as it is my favourite.  If only Square Enix would hurry up and release DQ IX so Sugiyama could release the symphonic DQ IX cd.



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