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vert1 Dec 2, 2016 (edited Dec 2, 2016)

Founded in 2012, is an online music store specializing in high-resolution audio downloads. offers permanent downloads at the highest available resolutions, according to the original recording format, up to 192kHz/24-bit. Music downloads are available in uncompressed Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF) without Digital Rights Management (DRM), and support universal playback and cross-platform compatibility. For music lovers demanding the highest quality audio experience, ProStudioMasters’ curated content features the finest music, premium performances and the highest-quality sound recordings.

I just downloaded my first 24-Bit file only because the tracks are not available on cd. 24-Bit outdoes CD's 16-Bit, so now it becomes questionable why collect CDs anymore. Japan seems behind on digital downloads... So does that mean that the next step for the physical collector is:

YU-NO High-Res Soundtrack DVD

DVDs!? I haven't seen 24-Bit audio for videogame music, so it's nice to see this release keeps things current.

What are you collectors doing about this shift in quality? Will we see more High-Res DVD releases?

GoldfishX Dec 2, 2016

Virtually all of the music I want to listen to is still in redbook format. and honestly, the bump up in quality is debatable at best. I've noticed a larger soundstage and better separation of instruments mostly, but nothing to make me want to change course. My main DAC doesn't even handle DSD/higher resolution files (it's one of the Schitt Audio DAC's and their designers have basically sworn off 24 bit audio as a fad) and I'm more than happy with how it handles redbook, so it's not going anywhere.

GoldfishX Dec 2, 2016

vert1 wrote:

Someone posted that in the Discogs thread I made.

"None of that is relevant to playback; here 24 bit audio is as useless as 192kHz sampling. The good news is that at least 24 bit depth doesn't harm fidelity. It just doesn't help, and also wastes space."

Pretty much this. Often what I hear is 24bit is useful for mixing and then usually it is converted back to 16 bit for playback.

XISMZERO Dec 6, 2016

24-bit mastering has been being dropped since the 2000s as a marketing booster for consumers in Japan. Basically, the way I hear it is if the mastering is good, who cares what you call it or how you press it on a CD (be it SHM-CD or Blu-Spec).

I have downloaded two digital 24/192 albums and they sound very good but the difference is next to marginal. I can't even listen to them when not on my PC since I haven't upgraded to a HR Audio Player on the go. Since I never listen on my PC, I have to convert which eventually end up as V-0 MP3s, which still sound stunning to me with my EAC/LAME setup.

In the end, it's hard to quit CD. People like physical media and no matter how digital you get, you can't shake CDs, especially those issued in Japan. Also, you can't really price shop digital... you pay what they say and that's it.

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