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Carl Apr 6, 2006

Sound Horizon is a doujin arrange group, and while sometimes the prices get into the hundreds, naturally this auction is over-inflated.

Somebody just hoping to get extra money, that's all.

LuxKiller65 Apr 6, 2006 (edited Apr 6, 2006)

Please, explain to me: how can a vile doujinshi be worth hundreds of dollars?

Because this is beyond my neurones...


Schala Apr 6, 2006

LuxKiller65 wrote:

Please, explain to me: how can a vile doujinshi be worth hundreds of dollars?

Because this is beyond my neurones...


*Anything* is worth the money if there are collectors out there willing to pay. And "vile" is subjective, as is almost any adjective. If you're lucky enough not to have a hobby where you'd be desperately willing to pay thousands of dollars on one product, I congratulate you. And just remember that for every niche collector group out there, there are a hundred others making fun of said group. Just be glad that this time, you're in the latter.

LuxKiller65 Apr 7, 2006 (edited Apr 7, 2006)

No, I'm totally in the niche like most of us here. I was just wondering how could a fan-made OST be worth a lot more than -say- a very limited edition made by the official brand. Nothing wrong with people wanting to pay a lot for soundtracks, that's what I'd do if I had to come across a game or soundtrack I really want.

I just think it's funny to pay 500$ for a soundtrack with a front cover printed in a bedroom or something and with a CD burned in someone's PC. That's it, not making fun of anything, I like OSTs as much as you.

Carl Apr 7, 2006

About 75% of Doujin cds from japan are Retail Quality, meaning Factory Pressed with full artwork and liner notes like any other retail cd, so the quality standards are way higher than just homemade stuff.   (the other 25% of Doujins are cd-r based though)

The reason people spend hundreds on them is when they have a favorite game series or favorite artist/group, it's really enjoyable to hear new arranges for it, and many are great interpretations of the themes in just as high-quality audio as officials would be.

Another minor reason is that not every official OST gets an official arrange album either...
In any case, people buy what they want to hear!

Crash Apr 7, 2006

I've also heard that if a doujin arranger ends up getting a job in an official capacity, the value of  the doujin CDs he had done in the past (which were obviously limited in quantity) takes off.

Imagine what would happen if Yasunori Mitsuda had done some arrangements of, say, Ys music, when he was in high school, and had made a recording and given copies of it to some of his friends. Now, fast-forward to today, and imagine how valuable something like that would be, and how many people would be clamoring to get a copy.

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