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Rrolack May 7, 2017

A few weeks ago, I saw a seller who had four rather expensive soundtracks for sale.  By "rather expensive," I mean DKC2, DKC3, Yoshi's Island, and one other one.

Looking at the auctions, there were a few red flags:

- The seller had no feedback, i.e had never sold before on YJA
- Each album had only one photo, and the photos had a "stock photo" look to them
- Somehow, the only soundtracks the seller had for sale were really, really expensive.  Nothing moderately priced or cheap.

Given this info, I figured it was probably a scam.  I checked a few weeks later, and the feedback shows that this was indeed the case: … tororo2017

Now, here is the cautionary part.  Usually when buying on auctions in the US, e.g. on eBay or using PayPal, you're relatively well protected as a buyer.  If instead, you buy at a YJA auction through a proxy, the situation is a lot murkier.  Specifically, it's not clear what YJA's recourse policies are.  In addition, because you're not the buyer (the proxy is the buyer), your ability to get recourse depends entirely on the proxy's motivation to navigate the recourse process.  In my limited experience with this sort of thing, the proxy's motivation in this case is not strong at all.

Best to be careful out there, and to buy only from sellers with solid feedback...

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