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Cogo Feb 17, 2008

James Mielke has done a wonderful job on a new article called "A Day in the Life of Nobuo Uematsu", which is a lengthy interview, both in text and video format.

Nice indeed. I really hope 1Up will continue producing features like this. Maybe a follow-up with Koji Kondo sometime in the future. Then he can comment on Uematsu's statement that the Japanese national anthem should be changed to the Super Mario Bros. theme.

Cedille Feb 17, 2008

An interview this lengthy (in a good way) is what we can hardly read, even at whatever price. It's sometimes frustrating to read those 'meh' conversations, but still a great read. I wish their interviews with Sakimoto and Mitsuda would have been as long as this.

Datschge Feb 18, 2008 (edited Feb 18, 2008)

That's quite a huge filler track in interview form.

I hoped to hear new insights, but the interviewer seemed not to be particularly prepared at all. Wished to hear about Uematsu detailing his composing style, managing the sound team with all the composers joining, relationship to sound programmer Akao or why he doesn't arrange his own music anymore since when he left Square. Ah well, at least I got the news that Square's move from Meguro to Shinjuku destroyed the company of old, and that that was a fortune teller's fault. =P

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