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Adam Corn May 12, 2019

The follow-up album to 2014's "A New World: Intimate Music from Final Fantasy" arranged album recently came out for lossless download on Bandcamp and CD on Amazon. Like the original, Volume II is produced by Arnie Roth of Distant Worlds, and uses a smaller-scale instrumental ensemble for generally more low-key, "intimate" arrangements.

Volume I was a hit or miss affair - half the album I found quite pretty and true to the "intimate" moniker, whereas the other half suffered from some rather poor live production values and couldn't help but venture into some action-oriented themes beyond its scope.

After a couple listens, Volume II strikes me as a much more consistent effort. Certainly in production values, which are solid from start to finish (I suspect these are all studio-recorded as opposed to live), and in overall tone as well, as even the most upbeat cues work well in the flow of the album. I'm not sure if any single track matches Volume I's gorgeous FFI "Town" and FFXII "Eruyt Village", but I found enough to enjoy after a single listen on Bandcamp to buy it without hesitation.

Qui-Gon Joe May 12, 2019

My CD copy of this arrived from Amazon a couple days ago and I've been listening to it pretty non-stop.  Definitely one of my favorite FF albums in a while - part of that is just due to the fact that they included some of my absolute favorite original themes on it, though.  Selbina and Home Sweet Home alone would have made this album worth it to me (and I've been waiting for a recording of those patiently since seeing one of these "intimate" concerts a couple years ago).  Also nice that they've included some more recent stuff, though I feel like FFXV has much better tracks to choose from if you go with Shimomura's stuff vs. the other contributors.  Overall very very good CD!

jb May 12, 2019

I listened to this on bandcamp and was just as disappointed with this one as the first one. The arrangements are simple and the instrumentation is basic and boring. Also, I don’t know if they’re just running out of songs to arrange or they just picked simpler ones but the track list on this album is absolute trash.

Major disappointment. Would not recommend.

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