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JasonMalice Mar 24, 2014 (edited Mar 27, 2014)

Hello Audiophiles,

To sum up in one line, selling many of my originals, many first pressings, most in good condition if not great.  (To me, great is considered having the obi and fuzzy stickers etc)

For those of you who do not recognize my name,  I have been absent here quite a lot in the past 10 years or more, increasingly so with each year. For older friendlier faces who do recognize my handle, hello. For numerous new faces + names I also greet you and welcome you to this great subculture we have.

Essentially it is come time for me to depart with my collection of CDs. While not a vast collection, it's still one that I held dear, and hope to pass on to somebody who will take just as good care of it as I. (Although, there are two soundtracks my knowledge that do have damages in one way or another, but most others are in great condition, as I will go far lengths to preserve the OBI  and to preserve the plastic lining that normally would be ripped off with the case  of the CD.   and so many but not all have that however despite that being so most are in great condition.

Just from the get-go to  to be clear, 3 things:

1) It is the  1st edition  of the Final Fantasy  VII/7 original game soundtrack,  disc 1,  which suffered a scratch to it about 17 years ago, causing the 3rd track on disc one, make, reactor, to skip when played. So one disc one is not only a cosmetic blemish, but also a functional blemish which stops track 3 from playing without skipping.

2) Then second main blemished album, is that of the Chrono Cross original soundtrack:  for this, none of the musical CDs are damaged, and the music plays well. However the jewel case has a crack on both the  aspect of the front portion and the back portion, which makes it not quite aesthetically pleasing on the eyes. I'm sure a hard-core fan could buy a jewel case and just transfer the CDs and booklets and whatnot to a clean non-cracked jewel case, but I am not that fan.

3) As you notice below, I have included catalog numbers with all of the albums, because many of them are first editions, such as the final fantasy tactics soundtrack, or even the final fantasy four  Celtic Moon arranged album.
None of these are bootlegs, and none of these are  knock offs, pirates or any other term for illegitimate copies of music albums.
I do not sell Son May/Ever Anime albums, but I sure wish 18 years ago someone would have warned me of pirated music CDs.

Please use the   forum e-mail system to contact me. You will notice, that none of the soundtracks I have listed, and prices listed. This is because I am accepting offers for everything I have listed. If you have an offer, please message me and I can message you back. If you would like to see photographs of any of the  Albums I have, please message me, and then we can exchange e-mails and I will send you an e-mail photo of the CD soundtrack. Besides the two stated, most of these are in very good condition, many of them have the obi and even have the plastic covering, as I used to take a razor and slice thin enough just to get the CD case through but then later present facts that would not become damaged or shelf worn.


1) Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks, SSCX-10012, 1997, Digicube

2) Genso Suikoden II, original game soundtrack complete box, SS CX – 10012, 1997, Digicube

3) Akumajo Dracula Gekka no Nocturne/Castlevania Symphony of the night/Dracula X Nocturne in the moonlight original game soundtrack, KICA 7760, 1997, Konami

4) Lunar 2 Eternal Blue complete, no catalogue number, 2000, working designs

5) Grandia original soundtracks, KICA 5002/3, 1997, 2–5 LTD

6) Chrono Cross original soundtrack, SSCX – 10040, 1999, Digicube

7) Final Fantasy VII original soundtrack, SSCX 10004, 1997, Digicube

8) Final Fantasy IX original soundtrack, first pressing limited-edition, SS CX 10043–6, 2000, Digicube

9) Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon, PSCN – 5017, 1991, NTT publishing

10) Climax Landers, MJ CA – 00053, 1999, Marvelous Entertainment, Sega/Climax

11) Star Ocean, The Second Story, original soundtrack, FSCA – 10063, 1998, First Smile Entertainments LTD, Tri – Ace;  Enix

12) Final Fantasy III original sound version, PSCN – 5013, 1991, NTT publishing

13) All Sounds of Final Fantasy 1&2, H2 5X – 20015, 1988, Polystar/DATAM

14) Genso Suikoden original game soundtrack, KICA 7696–97, 1986, Konami

15) Seiken Densetsu/ Legend of Mana original soundtrack, that's SCX – 10034, 1999, Digicube

16) Falcom JDK Band I, NWI 10102290, 1991, 1999 Nihon Falcom

17) Final Fantasy IV Original Sound Version, PSCN-5014, 1991 NTT Publishing, Squaresoft

18)  Wild ARMS Original Game  Soundtrack, ARCJ60, 1996 Antinos Records

19) CREID: Yasunori Mitsuda & Millenial Fair, (Xenogears arranged) SSCX 10018, 1998, Digicube

20) Biohazard 2 ReMIX: met@morphoses (Resident Evil 2 arranged), CPCA-1027, 2001 Sulepeter Capcom

21) Chrono Cross Music Selection 3TP-0032K, 1999 Septima Lay Square Sounds

22). Final Fantasy Tactics Original Soundtrack, SSCX-10008, 1997 Digicube


23) Lady in White, SER 289B03 Frank LaLoggia, (no date) South East Records

24) Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Klaus Bauldet, 60089-7, 2003, Walt Disney Records

25) Conan The Destroyer, Basil Pouledaris, VAD-5392, 1984, Varese Sarabande

26) Frank Herbert's Dune (mini-series) Original Soundtrack,  Graeme Revell, GNPD 8071, 2001, GNP-Crescendo

27) Vanessa Mae: The Violin Player, D103269, 1995, Angel

28) Donnie Darko: Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Score, Michael Andrews, ENJOY003, 2001, Enjoy Records

29). Naked Lunch: Silver Screen Edition, Digitally Remastered Original Soundtrack, Howard Shore & Ornette Coleman, 1991, M2-36110, Milan Records

30). More Music from the motion picture Gladiator, 440-013-1925, Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard, 2001, Decca Rcords

Animated Film

31). Princess Mononoke,  Music from the Miramax Motion Picture 73138 35864-2, Joe Hisaishi, Milan Records

32) Beauty and the Beast Special Edition Soundtrack 60743-7, Howard Ashman, Alan Menkin, Walt Disney Records

33) Batman Original Motion Picture Soundtrack- A Digital Recording- 9 25977-2, Dany Elfman, Warner Bros

34)  Fight Club Original Motion Picture Score, (No catalog number given??,)  The Dust Brothers, 1999, Restless

Please use the forum e-mail system to contact me, whether you want an offer, or a photo of an album. 



JasonMalice Mar 29, 2014

Also Selling:  The Final Fantasy VIII Limited Edition Soundtrack.  The Long beige binder type with an artbook inside.  Excellent condition.

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