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Namakemono Aug 12, 2006

The percussion and vocals on the soundtrack are way too loud sometimes. They also added unnecesary stuff like the vocals towards the end of "The 3 Karma" which _almost_ kill it.

Megavolt Aug 12, 2006

McCall wrote:

The electric guitar in 'Town of Twilight' sounds really cheesy, and different than it did in the game...I swear....

Of course it sounds cheesy.  It's Mitsuda and his Chrono Cross shtick.

As far as I can tell, the music is the same.  Then again, I remember the music from Star Ocean 2 sounding slightly different on album somehow before becoming accustomed to it.  Maybe there are some subtle differences to be picked up on.  It's been a while since I played Shadow Hearts II.

Megavolt Aug 12, 2006

Sorry.  I was under the impression that your mind wasn't completely made up yet.

h3 Aug 12, 2006

McCall wrote:

As for the guitar, Megavolt, I actually really love it. It's like a soft jazz guitar, very somber. In the actual game, that is. In the OST, it's high on the treble, losing it's smooth texture. It's also got some crappy vibrato.

You are f---ing spot on, lad.

And I wonder why I don't like to listen to it on the OST.. Any idea where I can get the original .psf?

oddigy Aug 12, 2006

Hm, I could've sworn Shadow Hearts 2 was ripped, but I think I was just hallucinating.
I'll see what I can do, but... it might be a while. :)

lordskylark Aug 12, 2006

I know there's a few tracks from SH2 that are in pcm/adpcm format that can be extracted via cubeplayer (not even close to everything on the OST though - others are PSF)


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