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Ashley Winchester Sep 21, 2016

Before I begin I want to say I don't mean any ill-will towards anyone that works in radio, but I'm trying/have to be honest.

Am I the only one that can completely stand ads on the internet, like before YouTube videos, but absolutely abhors advertisements on the radio?

Usually I listen to my iPod Shuffle in the car which is like listening to your own, personally crafted radio station. Unfortunately, while I like the iPod Shuffle on the simplest of terms, I think the battery life on the damn thing sucks. That said, I'm not sure if I'm using it more than I realize but it doesn't feel like it. Really, I wouldn't mind if Apple made the thing a little bigger and gave it a better battery and more than 2GB of space.

Anyway, the point is I insanely hate it when I run out of battery and have to listen to the radio. I have no problem with the music my local stations play, but man, I just hate the adverts.

"Don't beat your wife."
"Don't beat your kids."
"Youth sports are important."

The first two should be so obvious that I'm insulted I have to be "reminded" that this kind of crap isn't acceptable. Still, I think that third one is the most annoying because I really don't care about the topic.

Does anyone else kind of hate the radio? I can stand advertisements on the internet all day long but I lose my patience almost instantly when an uber cheesy radio advertisement comes on and they repeat the company's telephone number three damn times.

James O Sep 22, 2016

As someone who works in radio - I hear you loud and clear! =p

I'm not sure how the regulations for radio work in the US, but every station has to run some percentage of free PSA's advocating the things you mention.

As for making people remember things by repeating a phone number - it takes a certain amount of time for people who may not be paying attention for things to stick.  Really companies should not be using phone numbers for calls to action anymore - people usually listen to the radio in their cars and they don't have any way of taking down a number.  It should be visit a website or just google the company for more info.  A radio ad is really just supposed to be designed to get people into a business' front door.  the rest should be up to the people working in said store to keep the customer there.  A lot of ad buyers think the ad has to do their whole job for them.

As for cheesy-ness I personally don't like using things like cliches but you would be surprised how many people respond to them and that is really disappointing. A lot of companies are too afraid to push the envelope in their advertising too, making for unappealing, forgettable commercials.

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