All Sounds of Final Fantasy I & II

  • "Two very awesome arrangements and a blast from the past!"
  • "Probably only worth one or two listens."
Reader reviews

Featured Artists

  • Nobuo Uematsu (composition)
  • Michiaki Kato (arrangement 2 tracks)

Tracks (62 minutes)

  1. Welcome To F.F. World [6:57]
  2. Prelude [0:52]
  3. Opening Theme [1:25]
  4. Cornelia Castle [0:47]
  5. Main Theme [1:02]
  6. Chaos' Temple [1:00]
  7. Matoya's Cave [1:13]
  8. Town [0:52]
  9. Shop [1:00]
  10. Ship [0:48]
  11. Underwater Temple [1:27]
  12. Dungeon [0:56]
  13. Menu Screen [0:40]
  14. Airship [0:50]
  15. Gurgu Volcano [1:13]
  16. Floating Castle [1:13]
  17. Battle Scene [1:36]
  18. Victory [0:39]
  19. Ending Theme [1:49]
  20. Dead Music [0:52]
  21. Save Music [0:07]
  22. Prelude [0:46]
  23. Battle Scene 1 [1:28]
  24. Revivification [0:24]
  25. Reunion [0:09]
  26. Rebel Army Theme [1:14]
  27. Town [1:47]
  28. Main Theme [1:26]
  29. Castle Pandemonium [1:04]
  30. Imperial Army Theme [1:29]
  31. Chocobo Theme [0:24]
  32. Magician's Tower [1:25]
  33. Escape! [0:20]
  34. Ancient Castle [0:51]
  35. Dungeon [1:46]
  36. The Emperor Revives [0:27]
  37. Battle Scene 2 [2:10]
  38. Victory [0:39]
  39. Finale [3:09]
  40. Waltz [0:41]
  41. Temptation of the Princess [0:28]
  42. Dead Music [0:49]
  43. Fanfare [0:07]
  44. Added Companion [0:07]
  45. Shop [0:40]
  46. The Airship [0:57]
  47. Battle Scene 3 [1:57]
  48. Dungeon [1:00]
  49. Farewell! F.F. World [7:25]

Release Notes

  • Released Dec 21, 1988 by Datam / Polystar (catalog no. H25X-20015, retail 2348 yen).


Two very awesome arrangements and a blast from the past!

Reader review by Aaron Lau

Nobuo truly is the god of music. I only just recently heard this soundtrack and I am impressed. You may think I'm crazy, what with the primitive sound system, but the compositions are truly wonderful. I guess it's when you listen to the arranged version of these songs, and then hear them in a different format is what makes it so cool. "Matoya", "The Rebel Army", "Finale" and the Main Themes 1 and 2 are all awesome.

The best reason to buy this CD, however, is for the arranged tracks, "Welcome to FF World" and "Farewell! FF World". These are superb remixes of some of the music found in the game. I was extremely impressed with Matoya in "Welcome to FF World", and Finale in "Farewell! FF World". These are the best versions I've ever heard of these songs, right after Pray and Love Will Grow. This is how arrangements should be done. The quality on these songs are excellent, and I'd buy the soundtrack for them alone.

Probably only worth one or two listens.

Reader review by Romil Balibalita

This is one of those soundtracks that come and go. After listening to this CD you'll probably not want to listen to it again. The CD contains all the music from the original NES version of Final Fantasy I, and Final Fantasy II which was only released for the Japanese Nintendo, the Famicom. The tracks sound like they where recorded straight from the game systems. Except for some spatialized echo effects, that make the music sound like it's in stereo. They did a pretty good job with the two arranged music tracks. Here they mixed a few songs from Final Fantasy I and II, and added some upbeat orchestra to it! Anyways, some of those people who love the original versions of songs may want to add this to their collection.

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