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Qui-Gon Joe Feb 8, 2006

Personally I think the weirdest thing is the design of Japanese poop products.  It's always these perfectly formed piles that are in a swirly pattern, coming out perfectly as if it were soft serve ice cream (for more comparisons between those two things, see Nippon Ichi's Little Princess and the robot cat song...).  I always wonder if when using the squatter toilets, the Japanese like... gyrate around to create such a perfectly formed turd or something.  I mean, I figure if they can actually use the squatters to begin with, they might be able to do that...

SonicPanda Feb 9, 2006

avatar! wrote:

Hey, not sure what we were supposed to see there...
I think your link is broken.



Feh...that's been happening a lot lately. I'm always careful when I post, and then...

Well anyway, the INTENDED link was to an action figure for that talking poo from South Park, which is just as strange. The chief award winner for poop-related nuttery, however, is Korea for making Boong-Ga Boong-Ga, an arcade game where you cram a finger-shaped controller up a toy pooper to make uncomfortable faces on your on-screen victim.

Carl Feb 10, 2006

Indeed, the Kancho Assassin is always there to help "stick it to the man"....

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