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Alley Aug 30, 2017 (edited Aug 30, 2017)

Hi folks,

I'm looking for a great site to stream anime and game music, or at least has a channel that does so exclusively. I've been using Pandora, but I am not liking the direction of site (nor the fees). I also used to use but the quality of streaming went down after the site was revamped.

I've seen/heard a few out there like RPGamers Network (which requires a software download) and Spotify (which has limited interface.

So, anyone know of other options out there? What are the pros and cons?

Much appreciated.

Adam Corn Aug 30, 2017

If you do decide to try Spotify, STC has several playlists of recommended tracks organized by genre. The orchestral and acoustic instrumental playlist has the largest selection but you'll find rock, electronic, and game synth playlists as well.

Also on Spotify if you go to Browse -> Genres & Moods -> Gaming and then scroll down you'll see a large selection of game OSTs, including quite a few Japanese releases.

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