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Msia Jan 29, 2006 (edited Jan 30, 2006)

I finished it two weeks ago and I pretty much agree on all of your points.  Dialogue seemed to me to get worse as the game got closer to the end.  Most of the conversations about the future really started getting on my nerves.  Kind of short, but I have high hopes and I'm looking forward to Vth Vanguard.  Hopefully its just Naruke on the music and not the other scrubs.

Stephen Jan 30, 2006

I beat the game.  There is a lot of debate over the ending.  Jude's ending is seemingly uncharacteristic.

The plot isn't spectacular, but it has a very strong message, which does get very pronounced by the endgame.

The main message isn't just tolerance, but children vs. adults and what the future means to each group.

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