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Aran Jul 14, 2015

Back in 2007, my cousin had Super Swing Golf for the Wii. It was the Wii edition of Pangya. Recently, I saw that game on a emulator channel on YouTube. That inspired me to check it out. I then learned there's a PSP Pangya. Since I have a PSP, I got Pangya Fantasy Golf for $5 on Ebay. I've been hooked on it since early June. There's also the free-to-play PC game as well. It's basically an anime golf game, and I like it alot.

Crash Jul 14, 2015

I got a copy of Pangya for the PSP a few years ago. It's a well-balanced golf game, and a lot of fun to play. It also does a good job of keeping you interested in continuing to play so you can acquire more gear.

Jousto Jul 16, 2015

One Pangya nuts here. The naming differences between regions are somewhat of a pain in the ass, so while I'd say I have Super swing golf, it'd be SSG season 2 over there in The States. But for the sake of convenience, let's just call them both Pangya for the lack of differences between the two.

I bought the game quite a few years ago but haven't played it in the last two years. The reason is that my Wii had been boxed all that time after moving. It's out and connected again, so one of these days I'd love to hit a few balls again. I have beat the game completely, including the extra matches post-completion, and the only thing remaining is harvesting enough pang to buy all the gear from the shop. Frustratingly slow when you can't earn extra pang from completing a new match anymore.

I've thought about grabbing the first game for Wii, too, but knowing that the second one is slightly better, and the two games are essentially the same, I don't think I'll ever invest on the first one. Besides, as I said, there's still stuff to do with the one I have. Not to mentions dozens of games I have waiting in my shelf for uncorking them...

For what it is, it's a fun game. Not serious at all, not to mention far from realistic with super shots and the like, but it's rather deep and requires patience and lots of skills if you want to beat everything. The final matches can be really hard, and you can't make a single mistake, or the computer will punish you. Then again, you can only blame yourself for the mistakes. The game demands a lot, but the feeling after beating a match you've been trying to win for the last month is well worth it.

Graphically the game is nothing special. It's colorful and cute but looks outdated on Wii. Previous generation could've handled the same. Than again, the graphics is hardly the factor that matters most. What does are the controls. Again, it takes time to learn the swing, but over time, you will find your way to constantly hit pangyas. Calculating is necessary to figure out which direction to hit and how hard, which club to use, how much spin to give etc. Most of my time spent with the game goes to processing the course conditions in my mind. The toughest challenge for your brain is by far Wind Hill, where the wind direction is different in different parts of the course. It's crazy.

Music in the game is rather standard, happy stuff you might expect from such a game, but I've grown to love many of the tunes. There's quite a bit of variety, too.

I love the game to bits despite its shortcomings, and for the sake of sheer fun, it's one of the few games I'd take with me on a deserted island (given there's electricity).

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