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TerraEpon Aug 26, 2016

This should be in the Open forum.....bur anyway. I wonder if this one will ACTUALLY be as complete as possible unlike the 200th anniversary one (or the Brilliant Classics versions over the years). 'Complete' sets of classical music so often are not, sometimes missing some extremely obvious things.
While I would never buy a set like this, I am fascinated by them and since it's Mozart I might even take the time to crosscheck its completeness....honestly I'm anticipating this for the personal academic value.

Pedrith Aug 26, 2016

That looks awesome.  I only have a little bit of Mozart in my collection.  I didn't see a price tag attached which usually means it's out of my price range.  Also space in my apartment is at a premium.  Maybe my aunt, uncle and Nana could split this four ways….hmm.

I know it's a little off topic but I got the complete symphonic works of Edvard Grieg a few years back and it includes the full performance of Peer Gynt in addition to the concert suites that one usually sees.

Nice to know that I'm not the only one that like classical music smile

TerraEpon Aug 26, 2016

From what I've read, the 'official' sellers are Amazon and Presto: … 01FW8XWSG/

Now do note it's not JUST 200 CDs, but two well filled hardback booklets, It's a lot of money, but compared to the price the 'original' Mozart Edition in 1991 went for, it's almost a steal...
Actually I almost wish I could get the book on the music separate, as that sort of thing is my bread and butter as it were.

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