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Mindphlux Mar 22, 2011

I've really been enjoying the music from Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune soundtracks and I was wondering if anybody could recommend more game soundtracks that are remotely similiar? It doesn't have to be racing games but I'd imagine that is where most of the techno soundtracks come from.

layzee Mar 22, 2011

These come to mind. May or may not match the intensity of WMMT, but at least electronic-sounding enough to be worth a mention:

Other Yuzo Koshiro works (e.g. Bare Knuckle 1 to 3, Namco X Capcom theme songs)
Various Initial D songs
Einhander (or Kenichiro Fukui tracks in general e.g. Front Mission 5: Scars of the War)
Gradius V
Granado Espada (non-guitar/violin songs)
Beatmania IIDX series and artists (wide variety)
Akira Yamaoka: iFUTURELIST
Chaos Legion

Rimo Mar 25, 2011

The music from these games is a mix of techno and trance. Here are some similar tracks/soundtracks that come to mind:

"M.Bison Stage" from Street Fighter Tribute Album
Motorhead (PSX)

Mindphlux Mar 26, 2011

Hey guys I did manage to find something pretty similar. The game is called Racing Battle C1 Grand Prix. The soundtrack is very trancey like Maximum Tune's music.

Seems like racing games are the only types that use this techno/trance music? I'll keep looking.

Mindphlux Mar 26, 2011

Hey that is a nice find.. exactly the sound I was looking for. Thanks for that one

Cedille Mar 27, 2011 (edited Mar 27, 2011)

Not familiar with Wangan music in the slightest, but if you liked that specific track, here are the variations.

I much prefer this version, since it transformed one good yet ordinary track to one of my absolute favorite shooting pieces of music (the OST is also one of the strongest in recent years). Btw, thanks to the link above, I happened to find a great fan-piano arrangement. He basically took a similar approach to Umemoto, yet more touching.

EDIT: I think his was based on Uememoto's version. tongue

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