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Rrolack Apr 18, 2017

It might be time for a DKC2 containment thread.  I'm sure there will be at least 5 more posts about the album this year smile

Btw, that copy of DKC2 isn't quite complete, in that it's missing the registration card.  I'm sure it will sell for a nice price nonetheless.

A fully complete DKC2 did fetch 180,000 yen last weekend:

and a second one is now listed for 200,000 yen:

I doubt the second listing will sell, given that no one else competed for the first, cheaper listing.

Boyblunder Apr 20, 2017

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror I sold quite swiftly after purchase a few years back. The audio quality is absolutely garbage.
DKC2 is in my top 3 soundtracks of all time but unfortunately money talks and sometimes you receive an offer which is so substantial you just can't say no.

Ashley Winchester Apr 20, 2017

Boyblunder wrote:

unfortunately money talks

Why does this phrase sound so familiar? Isn't there a song or something? I'm drawing a blank here.

Rrolack Apr 20, 2017

I have no idea why Kirby & the Amazing Mirror is so expensive.  That sealed copy just for 90,000 yen.  The album doesn't seem that rare either; usually there is at least one listing on YJA.

stingray2501 Apr 21, 2017

I'm guessing that some rich game fans in Silcon Valley or the Middle East, who have loads of disposable income are buying these.

I do enjoy seeing these posts about the sales.

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