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vert1 May 26, 2017 (edited May 26, 2017)
Test fire worldwide schedule

Played ~40 minutes of the first test fire. Can't say I enjoyed this (used motion controls). Didn't get to special attack once while enemies got 1-2 every match. Game became extremely entertaining watching people duke it out from a distant overhead view after I got ko'ed after being a punching bag in 2v2, so I am a bit concerned that the behind-the-back view is a visual compromise for more accurate mechanics. More negativity: It's extremely irritating watching yourself getting ko'ed in a montage 3 times when you lose. Don't feel like the punches have much weight to them. Watching your punches miss while you wait to punch again is frustrating and especially so when this happens more than three times in a row. Wasn't impressed with the punches clashing animation. Volleyball is a gimmick 1v1, which is what I got matched up to the whole time, but I'm sure 2v2 it will actually be a lot of fun.


XLord007 May 27, 2017

vert1 wrote:

(used motion controls).

Found your problem. Use the pro controller. Plays much better this way, and since you're pushing buttons, you don't have the weird disconnect between punching in real life and the slow punches on the screen. I had a lot of fun with the beta. Just make sure you are dashing and jumping a lot to avoid getting it.

vert1 May 27, 2017 (edited May 27, 2017)

My experience was a lot better test fire 2. Like you said, the dashing is most important. I executed everything well using the Joy-Con Grip Accessory. I'll pick this up Day 1.

vert1 Jun 17, 2017 (edited Jun 17, 2017)

Day 1 - Lost repeatedly to second opponent, Ninjara, in grand prix rank 4. That guy was dodging every dragon arm laser I could shoot at him. Eventually I beat him by being patient and knowing which of the many directions you can launch a punch to hit him when he strafes. The game lets you observe and learn your opponent - Ninjara wasn't throwing out any punches, so you have to get in close for less dodgeable grabs and mix in some long-range non-punishable attacks. Once I get past that battle it was smooth sailing.

Single player is super bare bones. Multiplayer is solid. The stage structures (i.e. breakable columns) and objects (cars and rideable spinning tops) add a lot to the fight. My favorite being a stage where numerous boxes appear that you can jump up on, hide behind, or punch through as many as your elongated arm can stretch.

Did you pick the game up, XLord? My NNID is Vert01 if you want to face me.

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