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Idolores Jul 26, 2009

Angela wrote:

For the Capcom art lovers here, this is going to be one hell of a Fall lineup for books.  Assuming these dates stick:

Darkstalkers Tribute -- September 13, 2009
SF20: The Art of Street Fighter -- October 14, 2009
Mega Man: Official Complete Works --- October 14, 2009
The Art of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney -- November 13, 2009
Mega Man X: Official Complete Works -- December 14, 2009

Go, Udon, go!

Dammit, Capcom. If only your art weren't so good, my wallet wouldn't be anorexic.

Stephen Jul 31, 2009 (edited Jul 31, 2009)

I mostly have bought imported artbooks for my wife.  They make good research materials for cosplay. 

Some can be bought at the local Kinokuniya, but others I have to order online.  I don't use ebay, as that is a total crapshoot.

Breath of Fire collection (I through V)
Genso Suikoden V (the character art for non-major characters are very small)
Genso Suikoden III
Knights in the Knightmare
Tales of Symphonia
Tales of the Abyss
Tales of Vesperia
Persona 3
Persona 4
Phantasy Star Univers
Phantasy Star Online
Shining Tears
Wild Arms: Alter Code F
Valkyrie Profile Material Collection (original)
Valkyrie Profile Material Collection (Lenneth and Silmeria)

And probably a few others I can't remember off the top of my head.

Angela Aug 17, 2009

SonicPanda wrote:

Criminy, I didn't know they were bringing the PW book over too. Those insidious dastards. Time to make budget plans for the rest of the year.

Udon's updated their webpage with pictures of the book:

I really didn't want to double dip on this after picking up the Japanese edition.  But..... English text! 

Too bad they won't be including art work for Gyakuten Kenji/Investigations.  I'd gladly wait a couple more months after the game's February 2010 release if they did.

Angela Sep 10, 2009 (edited Sep 11, 2009)

Two new acquisitions.  You guys convinced me to pick up the Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works, and I'm really glad I did.  It's a sweetly comprehensive collection, and the more I peruse, the more the art style grows on me.  Will definitely be a great companion piece for the upcoming Mega Man OCWs.

Even more exciting, however, is Pixarpedia, a 340 page monster of a tome: … _cover.jpg

From shorts to films, it covers every single piece of Pixar's work, lovingly detailed with gorgeous hi-res art, character and location profiles, and spiffy factual insights.  Check out some of its pages:

-Toy Story
-Finding Nemo
-For The Birds
-The Incredibles
-Ratatouille 1
-Ratatouille 2

Angela Sep 19, 2009

Angela wrote:

SF20: The Art of Street Fighter -- September 15, 2009

My copy just came in.  In a word: definitive.  Here's some snapshots.

-SF20: The Art of SF 01
-SF20: The Art of SF 02
-SF20: The Art of SF 03
-SF20: The Art of SF 04
-SF20: The Art of SF 05
-SF20: The Art of SF 06
-SF20: The Art of SF 07
-SF20: The Art of SF 08
-SF20: The Art of SF 09

I love how they organize the art work by illustrators, so you can easily peruse from Akiman, to Shinkiro, to everyone else in between with total ease.

Angela Sep 21, 2009

allyourbaseare wrote:

Confession: everytime Angela posts something in this thread I get a little jealous.  0_o

Heh, well, I love me art books.  I must admit I've picked more of 'em up this year than I've ever done before.  I've got this irrational fear that the ones I eventually want will quickly go out of print.  I'm thankful they've brought back Udon's Art of Capcom, but I'm surprised The Art of Kung Fu Panda went away so quickly.  And I'm still kicking myself for not picking up The Art of Monsters, Inc. for a reasonable price when I had the chance.

Hey Enterbrain, where's our Valkyria Chronicles art book already??

SonicPanda Sep 22, 2009

After a bit of address-related delay, my HC DarkStalkers book finally arrived. It goes without saying there's lots of great pictures and a wide variety of styles, but I do wish there were more stand-alone shots of Hsien-Ko and Raptor. No instant favorites like the chicken pulling a gun on Rolento, but my favorite is either the one where Pyron's modeling with the subtitle 'I'm Hot' or where Huitzil has no ice snacks for Sasquatch. On the flip side there's at least one completely deranged pic of BB Hood and another of all the female characters as quite elderly and quite obese from out of nowhere. Geez.

Angela Sep 28, 2009

So, I walk into work today, and discover this big ol' package waiting for me on my desk.  And inside..... … lls001.jpg

A thank-you gift from my co-worker friend and her two children for watching over and taking them to see the movie last week.  She tells me it was entirely their idea to get me the book.  That two nine year olds would remember my affinity for film art books and propose the idea for a present..... well, it just shows how terrific those kids really are.

And I've gotta say, this is about one of the most ENJOYABLE collections I've ever had the pleasure of perusing.  Its presentation is top-notch: hard-covered and bound in a sturdy slipcase, the book is written and published by the same folks responsible for the superb The Art of Kung Fu Panda.  And like Panda before it, this one is jam-packed with wonderful pieces and informative writing.  It's got a few neat surprises, too; every dozen or so pages, there's a pouch insert that holds individual like-replicas of some of the props in the film.  For instance, there's "top-secret" blueprint documents of main character Flint Lockwood's inventions, a full map of Swallow Falls (the location of the film), and a mini sticker food book of the scratch 'n sniff variety. (I wondered why the package smelled faintly of ripe strawberries.)  There even appears to be a CD-ROM that holds some of Flint's quirkier "PC application programs" that we see in the film.  Totally wild.

Some obligatory shots:

-The book in its casing
-The book outside of its casing
-Flint Lockwood
-Sam Sparks
-The sticker book
-Flint's "top-secret" documents
-The Swallow Falls pull-out map
-The map itself; the other side shows some of the "tourist attraction" spots in the film.
-Concept rendition of Swallow Falls
-The Lockwood Residence
-The CD-ROM.  Nifty.
-Food Props
-Snow Day!
-Landmarks under siege
-The aftermath of the spaghetti twister attack

Angela Nov 25, 2009

SonicPanda wrote:

After a bit of address-related delay, my HC DarkStalkers book finally arrived. It goes without saying there's lots of great pictures and a wide variety of styles, but I do wish there were more stand-alone shots of Hsien-Ko and Raptor.

My own copy finally arrived today.  Plenty of great pieces, but I find myself gravitating toward the Felicia and Talbain pieces most.  Call it animal magnetism. wink

A few of my personal faves:

-DS Tribute 02
-DS Tribute 03
-DS Tribute 04
-DS Tribute 05
-DS Tribute 06
-DS Tribute 07
-DS Tribute 08
-DS Tribute 09
-DS Tribute 10
-DS Tribute 11
-DS Tribute 12
-DS Tribute 13
-DS Tribute 14
-DS Tribute 15

Angela Dec 31, 2009

Angela wrote:

Hey Enterbrain, where's our Valkyria Chronicles art book already?

A heads-up, it looks like they've finally set a concrete release date: January 20, 2010.  Now titled "Development Artworks", the final page tally weighs in at 400, size A4.  Play Asia's currently taking preorders, but at a costly premium of $81 USD. ($65.90 + $14.90 shipping.)

Ashley Winchester Dec 31, 2009

Just got the X book. NICE! It's also there in black in white that Zero was meant to be the main character - my one buddy can take that all the way to the bank.

absuplendous Dec 31, 2009

I just got my copies that I purchased for a friend for the holidays... yeah, I'm going to have to pick up copies for myself. These are really well done, certainly better than the Darkstalkers Graphic File I purchased with them.

Ashley Winchester Jan 1, 2010 (edited Jan 1, 2010)

Angela wrote:
Ashley Winchester wrote:

Just got the X book. NICE!

Heheh..... I'm about to one-up ya:

Hopefully my MM book will arrive 2maro

Edit: Didn't care for the Zero series or it's art that much. It's better than that over-cooked ZX stuff, so in that respect it's not so bad. Would like a full-blown Legends book with super awesome Kobun action! I'll keep dreaming on that one.

Ashley Winchester Jan 1, 2010 (edited Jan 1, 2010)

Ashley Winchester wrote:

Hopefully my MM book will arrive 2maro

Scratch that, stupid holiday. Like bankers and my local post master need another day off... yeah right.

But anyway, I have a lot to say about the contents in the X Book and some of the quotes inside - one of them actually regarding the soundtrack of one of the the games - as soon as I get some time to write and post them (going to work on 5hrs sleep beacuse I couldn't sleep! - arg!). I'll be sure to "hide" the text as to not ruin certain things for anyone.

Edit: Actually, couldn't this topic be in the "gaming" section of the forum?

Angela Jan 1, 2010

Ashley Winchester wrote:

Hopefully my MM book will arrive 2maro

These should tide you over till then:

-OCW Front Covers
-OCW Back Covers
-OCW Inset Layout
-Mega Man 1
-Mega Man 2
-Mega Man 3
-Mega Man 4
-Mega Man 5
-Mega Man 6
-Mega Man 7
-Mega Man 8
-Mega Man & Bass
-Rockboard & Soccer
-Powered Up
-Mega Man 2 Boss Concepts
-Group Shots
-Manga Art
-North America Renditions

And the X Series:

-Mega Man X1
-Mega Man X2
-Mega Man X3
-Mega Man X4
-Mega Man X5
-Mega Man X6
-Mega Man X7
-Mega Man X8
-Maverick Hunter X

This should go without saying, but with these books, it should be doubly emphasized: my increasingly out-of-date camera does little justice in capturing the true quality of these badboys.  The art designs featured here are insanely high resolution and absolutely beautiful to behold.

Boco Feb 5, 2010

I don't know if there are any fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender here, but I just discovered the upcoming art book for it and I'm completely psyched!

Avatar: The Last Airbender (The Art of the Animated Series)

184 pages
June 9th, 2010

The only thing that's disappointing is that it seems to be one-shot deal. They could easily make one art book per season and I would have loved that. I guess I can cross my fingers and hope that good sales encourage an eventual sequel. I don't feel too optimistic though. I mean, they haven't even bothered releasing a soundtrack yet. sad

tri-Ace Super Fan Feb 5, 2010

Films, no; game-related, heck yes. :) Other than pre-order art books, which I do have quite a bit of, all of my books are imported from Japan. I'm surprised that so many are being released in the US these days.

Probably most of my art books are tri-Ace related. Mayumi Azuma's Treasure and Second Treasure, Star Ocean EX Sketch Book, Valkyrie Profile Material Collection and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth & Silmeria Material Collection, etc. I have an absurd tri-Ace collection in general: … ction.html

But I also pick up whatever art I really fall in love with, sometimes even when I don't care about the games themselves much (like with my Chrono Cross Missing Pieces book [although that's more of a "fan book"]). I also love my two Art of SNK World books, and one of my very favorite books in my collection is Guardian by Sachiko Kamimura. I fell in love with her style because of the Japanese cover of Brain Lord, and while the art book has art from that and some other games, the other art in it, mostly anime-related I guess, is even better yet.

The only sore gap in my collection is that I still don't have an Akihiro Yamada art book. I absolutely love his art in Dracula XX, Mystic Ark, Front Mission 3, etc. He's got a wonderfully unique style.

Angela Feb 5, 2010

tri-Ace Super Fan wrote:

Probably most of my art books are tri-Ace related. Mayumi Azuma's Treasure and Second Treasure, Star Ocean EX Sketch Book, Valkyrie Profile Material Collection and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth & Silmeria Material Collection, etc. I have an absurd tri-Ace collection in general:

How are those Valkyrie Profile books?  I've always been partial to the Yoshinari bros' style of art. 

Don't suppose any of those books cover Covenant of the Plume too, do they?

tri-Ace Super Fan Feb 6, 2010

They're both very nice, but I'm partial to the original Material Collection. The Lenneth/Silmeria book is so ridiculously massive that it's unwieldy even to look through, let alone trying to find a way to store it. The original splits it up into two separate books, one for illustrations and the other with a lot of info to going along with the images, and they're both inside a nice slipcase. It's still quite large, but at least I can get it on a bookshelf. Plus there's just the fact that the Lenneth/Silmeria book feels a bit redundant in terms of Lenneth, and I'm not nearly as fond of Shunya Yamashita's Silmeria work as that of Kou & You. So considering how expensive the newer Material Collection is, it just seems like the original was a better value. Although this is from the perspective from someone who had the original set years before the recent book, so if I had to look at it from the perspective of someone who had neither and was picking only one, I suppose Lenneth/Silmeria would be a better overview of the series. There is plenty of art in the original not present in the newer book, though, so there's definitely no harm in having both.

Nada on Covenant of the Plume. The best bet for that would be the small, hardcover art book that was a pre-order bonus for the Japanese release.

Angela Feb 19, 2010 (edited Feb 19, 2010)

Thanks for the Valkyrie Profile info, Tina.  Books I'll definitely be striving to get in the future. :)

While I didn't splurge on the BioShock 2 Special Edition, I did manage to acquire a copy of the included Deco Devolution art book.  However, seeing as how I'm nowhere near to completing the game yet, I don't dare fully peruse it for fear of spoilers.  I haven't looked at the major character profiles, but did take a gander at some of the environment shots and weapon renders.  It's definitely nice.

For cautionary measures, I cropped off the names of the locations, but if you're ever planning on playing the game completely fresh, you'll probably want to avoid these pics all together.

-Back cover
-Poster ads of Rapture
-Weapons - Machine Gun & Rivet Gun
-Splicer Variety
-Little Sister concepts
-Big Daddy doll
-Environment render 1
-Environment concept
-Environment render 2
-Environment render 3

Angela Feb 25, 2010

For the Trekkies, this better-late-than-never (it was released in November 2009) Star Trek The Art of The Film is a nice visual companion/art collection piece to the recent film.  The most notable attribute of the book is its ultra glossy build; from front to back, the entire thing is ridiculously high-res and super shiny.  Trying to get decent shots with my camera's flash on while not being awash in blinding whiteness was kind of tough:

-Front Cover
-Contents page
-The Narada
-USS Enterprise exterior shots
-Star Fleet's space docks
-Planet Vulcan
-USS Enterprise interior shots
-Communicators and Phasers
-The Narada's drill
-Delta Vega's Big Red
-Spock Prime's ship
-The Golden Gate Bridge

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