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raynebc Apr 25, 2006

NIS America shipped my copy in the mail today, which is pretty nice, seeing as Amazon also shipped my Advent Children pre-order today.  Is anybody else picking up this game?  Does anybody expect it to have glitches like the first one did?

Crash Apr 25, 2006

You know, this is the first NISA game that I will not be getting.  Heck, I even got Generation of Chaos when I don't even have a PSP yet.  The first Atelier Iris had great music, but the gameplaying experience playing was unfulfilling for me.  I was not expecting the end of the game when I got there.  I beat the last boss, but didn't realize it had been the last boss until a good five minutes into the ending.  Then the game froze.  It was surreal.  I had a lot of fun leading up to that, but the ending just snuck up on me.

Then I started a new game in Disgaea, and remembered how much I loved that game.  Now I'm 230 hours in, working to get some of the stuff I never got before (majins, recruits, ultimate weapons, liberating Priere and Marjoly, beating Baal, etc.).  I figure I have another couple hundred hours or so of playtime before I really get a feeling of completeness, and can move on to Makai Kingdom while I eagerly wait for the US release of Disgaea 2.

raynebc Apr 25, 2006

I liked the synthesis part of the game more than the battles, which got to be a little annoying.  But the glitch that caused the game to freeze at the end pissed tons of people off.  Hopefully NISA didn't leaves any huge mistakes in this sequel.

oddigy Apr 25, 2006

I plan on getting it... eventually.
Hopefully the EB in town has a few extra soundtrack CDs for begging saps like me who try to get a preorder bonus without actually preordering the game. ;)

raynebc Apr 25, 2006

Good luck with the soundtrack, but I wouldn't hold my breath.  I'm sure the employees might get to take one, and even if not, they're supposed to give them out first come first serve to people that buy the game, unless it's up to them.  I pre-ordered months ago to be sure I'd get the OST, even though I can barely afford it tongue

GoldfishX Apr 25, 2006

Want it, but there's not enough hours in the day for it yet. Considering I have yet to finish the original one (it keeps getting interrupted) and I'm knee-deep in Suikoden V, it's at least two months off. I'll probably still pick it up next week and pop a few hours onto it at least, since I've been pretty vocal about games like this making it over and NIS definitely deserves the support.

*fingers crossed for the US releases of Atelier Iris: Gran Fantasm and Ar Tonelico later on*

raynebc Apr 26, 2006

I heard of Ar Tonelico, but they made *YET ANOTHER* Atelier Iris game?  I guess I'll see how #2 turns out before worrying about another one.

Kirin Lemon Apr 26, 2006

I managed to snag one of the promo audio CDs from my local GameStop today, even though their shipment of the game won't be in until tomorrow afternoon.  Pretty sure this is the first time they've actually come through for me with a preorder bonus CD.  Simply amazing.

oddigy Apr 27, 2006

I went to EB yesterday... they still hadn't gotten in any copies of Atelier Iris 2, no soundtrack CDs, AND they were "sold out" of the DVD version of Advent Children.

to ebay I go, lalala.

Hey, I have an idea... *wanders to Marketplace forum*

raynebc Apr 30, 2006

Another game I will have to get, maybe I should watch some Japanese footage of the game to decide if I would like it or not.  Whether or not I pre-order the game depends on whether NISA wants to be kind enough to throw a soundtrack in with it.

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