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Ashley Winchester Jul 24, 2016 (edited Jul 24, 2016)

I know almost everybody will have an answer for this one, but there's one fanbase I just cannot stand: Rhapsody, or as they're known as now Rhapsody of Fire. It's kind of a long story.

Fans of Rhapsody have always oversold how great the band is and part of this is the band's fault. If you've ever read a Rhapsody press release (see below) it definitely overhypes what the band has accomplished:

Rhapsody have been a unique phenomenon in the metal scene since 1997. Metal fans all over the world welcomed the band's debut album, "Legendary Tales" with astounding enthusiasm. Together with Hammerfall the band advanced almost overnight to become leaders of a new generation of future-oriented metal bands. "Legendary Tales" was followed two years later by their second opus, "Symphony Of Enchanted Lands", which climbed to 54th in the national album charts. In Finland it reached 41st, in Italy 22nd and Holland even 14th. The voices of the international press were especially loud: The German metal magazine, 'Heavy, oder was!?', the Dutch 'Aardschok' and the Belgian magazine, 'Mindview' named "Symphony Of Enchanted Lands" Album of the Month. Rhapsody was featured on the cover of numerous magazines in France, Norway, Greece, Romania and Italy. The extensive European tour with Stratovarius from early April until the end of May 2000 was the stage premiere which had been! so longed for by the many fans. It was followed by the third full-length album, "Dawn Of Victory". The album was even more successful than its predecessor and reached high chart positions in numerous countries. In Germany, "Dawn Of Victory" reached 32nd place in the album charts, in Italy, Finland, Sweden and Finland the album climbed to similarly high positions. In Japan it reached 24th and in the Dutch Indie-Charts it reached a staggering 4th.
Early Summer 2001 saw the band touring South America for the first time, leaving ecstatic fans behind them not only there but at various Europan open-air festivals, too. Now the musicians are presenting their first specially priced album, "Rain Of A Thousand Flames" in preparation for the thematic finale of the successful 'Emerald Sword saga', which will be appearing at the end of February 2002 in the form of a full-length album.

Unfortunately, things became complicated when Luca Turilli, a key member of the duo that fueled the band, left. With two bands instead of one I thought Turilli was in a good position to produce the better output since his previous solo albums were so strong.

That's not how it turned out.

In my opinion both bands have struggled to put out anything as strong when the two hales were one. Turiili's latest album (under Luca Turilli's Rhapsody) had two good songs but the rest I passed on. Rhapsody's (er, Rhapsody of Fire's) latest launched with a single that sounded insanely rehashed.

The the reason I state the above is when the band splintered the fanbase splintered and it has become even more insufferable. People who once praised everything Turilli did with Rhapsody say he completely sucks now and fans of Turilli say Rhapsody of Fire sucks.

As for someone like me who thinks both sides have suffered tremendously and trying to be more objective about it? Yeah, there's no place for me, screw me for trying to mediate some common ground.

Runner up when it comes to music would be Symphony X fans. I like some of Symphony X's music, but when I try to tell fans i don't like it all and I don't care for the band's twenty minute opuses? Yeah, that goes over well.

What fanbases do you dislike? Can anyone think of any that have become splintered like the one I talked about above?

longhairmike Jul 26, 2016

didn;t rhapsody get trick or treat's singer?
i don't like nightwish's new singer,, i do not like dragonforce's new singer either. the new queensryche interests me not.

Within Temptation, Delain, or Xandria,, i would take any of their singers,, all at once even

Ashley Winchester Jul 26, 2016

longhairmike wrote:

didn;t rhapsody get trick or treat's singer?

Rhapsody still has Fabio Lione, Luca Turilli's Rhapsody has the ex-Trick or Treat's singer. I like him but his pronunciation sometimes leaves things to be desired.

longhairmike wrote:

i don't like nightwish's new singer

Nightwish's new singer doesn't really bother me, still I miss Anette Olzon even though millions of people told me she wasn't a good live performer.

GoldfishX Jul 26, 2016 (edited Jul 26, 2016)

Need I even bring up Metallica? When they went alternative rock in the 90's (and whatever St. Anger was), it drove an even deeper wedge in-between an already divided fanbase that was already on-edge from the Black album. Some people are like, "we respect them...they do whatever the hell they want. They're awesome", others aren't afraid to call them out when they need to. That is one thing I generally can't stand among fanbases...blind loyalty.

Also, need I even bring up Final Fantasy music? Especially since Uematsu stopped composing full-time?

Edit: I can't say I ever got far enough into Rhapsody to really notice any of this. To me, their career begins and ends with "Emerald Sword".

Ashley Winchester Jul 26, 2016

GoldfishX wrote:

Also, need I even bring up Final Fantasy music? Especially since Uematsu stopped composing full-time?

I guess I never really noticed this. I stopped at X not because Nobuo stopped composing full time, I just stopped caring about the games and franchise.

Ashley Winchester Jul 27, 2016

GoldfishX wrote:

Edit: I can't say I ever got far enough into Rhapsody to really notice any of this. To me, their career begins and ends with "Emerald Sword".

To be honest I do like a fair amount of Rhapsody songs, most of them from the fist five albums that comprise the Emerald Sword Saga, but at the same time there's a lot I don't care for so I barely ever bought any of their albums. I did pick up the new one, but that's because I got it for $4 used. I figured i could check it out at that price.

The only album I ever bought that I undoubtedly wanted was "Power of the Dragonflame" which I thought was the best one as it's pretty even as far as what it offers. Most people tend to mention "Symphony of Enchanted Lands" which I don't consider to a modern metal masterpiece like most fans do.

Again, I like some of Rhapsody's stuff but I wouldn't consider myself a fan considering what I said above.

Idolores Sep 12, 2016

Sonic fans. My Little Pony fans. I don't think I've met an (adult) fan of either franchise that isn't at the very least unhinged.

Keep in mind I'm not referring to Sonic fans who legit like the old Genesis games.

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