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    Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Original Soundtrack

    Really enjoyed the new arrangements. Seems to be some general complaint about the lack of a live brass section, but I am PERFECTLY fine with that since I dislike most brass tones anyway.
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    Piano Collections Final Fantasy XV: Moonlit Melodies

    Was disappointed that this album only had a handful of new songs (a lot were previously released on other albums/bonuses), but overall is a great album.
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    Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- Album

    I liked this album far better than I liked Kingdom Hearts Concert -First Breath- Album, it just sounded much fuller to me.
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    Ganbare Goemon Sound Treasure Box

    While not a complete box set (missing the N64/PS and beyond games) it's still a massive retrospective look at the Ganbare Goemon series from the beginning, many of which either never saw actual releases or are very old and rare. Coupled with the fact that Goemon has had very limited exposure in the West this was an amazing opportunity to get acquainted with the music and the series and I am very thankful it was released. Hopefully they will do another box set with the newer era games!
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    Brave Frontier Original Soundtrack Complete Box

    I picked this up on a random whim with no prior knowledge of the series or the composer and really fell in love with it. It is relatively simple melodies and music but it feels like a throwback to the SNES era. Hikoshi Hashimoto is someone I will be watching going forward.
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    Distant Worlds IV: More Music from Final Fantasy

    Overall pretty satisfied with this release. My previous comments ( still mostly apply.