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    NieR: Automata Original Soundtrack

    Easily one of my favorite game OSTs of all time, not just 2017 - easy pick for number one. Shameless plug for my super long post here that nobody replied to ;_;
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    Yooka-Laylee Original Game Soundtrack

    Just finished this game on Switch, and while the game isn't super spectacular (still fun and scratched a certain itch), the music is classic Rare material. Kirkhope does the regular level/boss music, Wise does the minecart minigames, and Burke does the retro stuff. I do wish they'd let Burke do more orchestral-type stuff, as Kameo is still one of my favorite OSTs, but oh well.
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    Valkyria: Azure Revolution Original Soundtrack

    All my thoughts here: Mitsuda is definitely back bringing his A game these days - I sooo desperately want a Xenoblade 2 full OST release (has any Mitsuda-helmed project NOT gotten a CD since he started Sleigh Bells?)
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    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - The Official Soundtrack

    More Grant Kirkhope goodness, this time with a live orchestra. Surprised by the lack of old Mario themes remixed in this one. Anyone play the game and know if they just left those off the soundtrack release, or are there just none?
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    Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- Album

    There were two KH orchestra albums released this year, but this was the one you had to pick up at the concerts. A shame, since I prefer this one to the one that got a retail release (both are good, though).
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    Cuphead Original Soundtrack

    Yeah, what can I say that hasn't already been said? Love this soundtrack and love/hate the game. I bought it and have been making friends better at video games play through it since I am AWFUL at it, but I love everything else about the game.
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    New Danganronpa V3 OST White/Black

    I didn't quite know how to include this since I see the soundtrack as one full thing - I also am torn because there's a lot of reused (or only very slightly arranged) music in the game from previous OSTs. That said, it's a great soundtrack to a game that I thought was mostly super awesome (with some very significant caveats near the end).
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    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sound Selection

    Beautiful music from what is now probably my favorite video game of all time. Simply criminal that this isn't getting a full OST release alongside Mario, but I like pretty much everything on this disc that came with the LE of the game.
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    Haven't given this as much time as I know it deserves, but I'm waiting until I've played the game to listen to more. More brilliant stuff after the first one was a surprise hit for me. A bit wary of the game itself from what I've heard, but the OST is definitely a winner!
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    FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestral Arrangement Album

    If this album had been longer, it probably would have ended up higher on my list. I really enjoyed these arrangements, and I still am in love with everything related to the FFXIV soundtrack (The Far Edge of Fate ALMOST made this list this year for me, but I gave the edge to the album that's actually on a CD instead of a stupid Bluray).