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    Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair Official Sound Track

    I knew this would be good with David Wise and Grant Kirkhope, but the new composers are just as strong. I can't wait to see what Playtonic does next, since this Rare-era throwback is easily my favorite OST of the year.
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    More FFXIV, which is always great. Perhaps a little disappointed in this one not because of the music, but because of how the album plays out? It feels sort of disjointed to have a bunch of stuff from the end of Stormblood before the Shadowbringers stuff starts. I feel like their timing of album releases and what goes on which one could use some improvement.
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    Sayonara Wild Hearts

    Watched someone play this over New Years and was totally entranced by the game and the music. Such dreamlike goodness!
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    KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra -World of Tres- Album

    Solid orchestral stuff from KH, including the only released music from KH3 so far (other than the Utada Hikaru single). WHERE IS THE FULL OST, SQUARE??
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    Octopath Traveler Arrangements -Break & Boost-

    More Octopath is always good - it was one of my favorite OSTs of 2018, and this arranged album is a good listen. It IS A bit too short, and the jump from the OST to this arranged album isn't a super big one, though.
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    Distant Worlds V: More Music from Final Fantasy

    If you've heard any Distant Worlds albums before, this is more of what you'd expect. Orchestral Searching for Friends alone gets this onto my list.
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    A New World: Intimate Music from Final Fantasy - Volume II

    Another entry for arrangements of things I've always wanted - FFIX's A Place to Call Home is short but lovely, Home Sweet Home has always been a favorite, and SELBINA from FFXI!!! Also very happy that this one seems to be a studio recording without applause after every track like the previous album had.
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    I had to include the boxed set to get both albums in here, although I must admit I think the orchestral treatment lends itself better to Trigger than to Cross.
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    MUSIC ENGINE UNDERTALE CD Vol.3: Alphys & Mettaton

    Doujin CD release of orchestral performances by a group called Music Engine. I heard samples of this and then it was VERY difficult trying to track down the actual discs as they're only sold at their concerts and Comiket. Also this works best when listened to with the prior two albums, as they are all really short. Also while researching what came out in 2019 I discovered there is now a FOURTH one of these that I need to track down. FML again.
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    The Music of Red Dead Redemption II Original Score

    Perfect music to accompany the game. I also really enjoy the vocal accompanying album for this.