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Adam Corn Jan 21, 2023

Can't let 2022 fade away without hearing about everyone's favorite game soundtracks. OST or arranged, official or fan release - whatever impressed you from the year please share!

Aran Jan 21, 2023

I haven't been listening to alot of OSTs from the last few years but for me the winner of 2022 is Babylon's Fall, although I'm sure there's other impressive ones from last year as well.

Jodo Kast Jan 28, 2023 (edited Jan 30, 2023)

1. Harvestella

I haven't played Harvestella, but I have listened through the soundtrack twice.

2. Triangle Strategy

I beat Triangle Strategy twice, and some of the music is not that interesting outside of the game. But with over 130 hours experience in the game, the music is much more impactful.

3. Xenoblade Chronicles 3

I put 160 hours into XC3 and experienced very little of the game, rushing through to see the ending. I would rate the XC games as minimum 500 hour games if you want to see it all. The official soundtrack is not out, and I have been listening to a rip.

4. Square Enix Jazz -Chrono Trigger-

Like the previous Square Enix Jazz albums, I can listen to this on repeat.

5. Alice Gear Aegis OST Vol. 5

You have to pick through this one to get the good stuff, as with the previous releases.

6. Alice Gear Aegis ~Concerto of Simulatrix~

I'm not sure how this ties to the other Alice Gear games, but the music is about the same.

7. Mega Drive Mini 2 -Celebration Album-

Just like the previous releases, this is essential.

8. IA Super Best (contains some music from the Vita game)

This is vocaloid music, similar to what is heard in Project Diva. IA is a vocaloid with a voice that sounds very close to an actual human.

9. AI: The Somnium Files -nirvanA Initiative- (no relation to the IA title above)

This is here because I completed the game; otherwise not that interesting.  (The game is absurdly good.)

10. Babylon's Fall

There isn't much melody in Babylon's Fall, but it does have good production value. In terms of ambient music, this is definitely a few steps above Doom 64. It takes a certain kind of mood to be able to listen to this.

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