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Ramza Apr 20, 2016

Dragonfish Dog wrote:
Ramza wrote:

Qui-Gon is right. Though the soundtrack to "The Cave" was okay, it's not nearly as good as the CAVE publications of the last half-decade. I think Akai Katana Shin makes the cut, and obviously DDP SDOJ does. And then there were two Mushihimesama albums, one of which was arranged by Ryu Umemoto (RIP).

Also, I love Qui-Gon's list. Great, great choices. Especially happy to see that Corpse Party representation. That US 2disc release with Blood Drive for Vita was a huge money-saver for collectors and the music is just so memorable, it's ridiculous.

See, this's exactly why I make topics like this, so I can find out about new stuff I never would've otherwise discovered!

Any of their albums/soundtracks that you'd recommend in particular?

You mean from the publisher, CAVE? ... most of them. If you can find it at a good price, I'd start with the Deathsmiles OST and any Dodonpachi album, OST or arrange. Mushihimesama albums are also very good, I highly recommend the "Double Arrange Album" if you can get it.

Akai Katana Shin is great, but don't expect to pay less than $60 for it.

Some of CAVE's "less-than-great" offerings to probably avoid are Cave no Uta (vocal collection), and unless you have a taste for it, MuchiMuchiPork and PinkSweets are weird. Ibara is good though!

Child of Mana Apr 21, 2016

-Shovel Knight: a masterpiece (play the game now!)
-SQ Chips 1 &2: what's not to love
-Pico Pulse: Hiroki Kikuta goodness
- we missed 7th dragon by a few months...

Also quite enjoyed the soundtrack to Tengami, an indie adventure game.

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