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FuryofFrog Aug 5, 2010 (edited Aug 5, 2010)

So I guess this could be kind of a general thread for Ishiwatari Daisuke's BB music if anyone wants to discuss it.

My first real intention though is to ask now with the DLC characters for Continuum Shift announced do you think we will get an album release for the new songs. So far there are supposed to be 3 extra characters for the game being

-Makoto Nanaya {Released Aug 3rd}
     -Squirrel Girl apart of NOL, also one of Noel's Best Friends

-Valkenhayn {Est Oct}
     -Butler to Rachel Alucard and one of the 6 Legendary Heroes
Howling Moon … re=related

-Platina {Sometime After Valkenhayn}
     -Carrier to one of the souls of the 6 heroes, also has 3 people in her
Active Angel … re=related

My favorite of the 3 is Alexandrite but I am a sucker for the organ in Howling Moon. I'm dying for a physical release. Anyone know something I don't?

GoldfishX Aug 5, 2010

If they re-recorded or simply remastered Blazblue's music, I would be all over it. Unfortunately, the production drives me insane on it and it is hard to listen to sometimes...The guitars sit far too high in the mix and the bass/drums are too tinny to even matter (although bass is prominent as a lead in a couple spots for a couple tracks...Tager and Carl come to mind). My favorite tracks from the series are the themes for Noel and Bang, mostly for the killer leads. Both of these stand tall with the best of GG music. It gets some points for variety over GG (which is more straight-forward metal), but I'd say it lacks the staying power.

If I were grading the OST, it'd be a solid B-.

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