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XLord007 Jul 7, 2012

So I saw Brave last weekend. As the mixed reviews indicate, this isn't the Pixar movie you're looking for. The trailer completely misrepresented this as a feminist tale when it's really a story of mother-daughter bonding. The Celtic flavored music is really the only worthwhile part of the film, and the "La Luna" animated short that precedes the movie proper is far better. Unless you're a mom looking to bond with your daughter, don't waste your time.

Boco Jul 18, 2012

Honestly, I'd even go one step farther: it isn't truly a mother-daughter bonding movie. It's a movie about a spoiled and irresponsible teenager who, over the course of the movie, becomes slightly less irresponsible and still ends up getting what she wants. Definitely disappointing. I'd describe it as a sub-par Disney movie that was animated by Pixar. I honestly think that's what it is. sad

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