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Smeg May 31, 2011

Tim JC wrote:
the_miker wrote:

Castlevania: Harmony Of Despair Bound For PS3 big_smile

I beat the shit out of this game on the 360 but will gladly play through it again on the PS3 with my PSN buddies.  Plus, the d-pad on the DualShock 3 will make this game waaay more comfortable to play.


Word! If the PlayStation Store ever comes back online, I might even buy this.

Smeg Jun 1, 2011

Pellasos wrote:

normally i'd get this, but the heavy DLC is making me very unhappy sad

I know what you mean, but I think I'll enjoy it just fine without any add-ons.

Princess-Isabela Jun 5, 2011

It's a solid adventure even without the dlc content.
Random loot drops definitely help to prolong its longevity.

the_miker Oct 4, 2011

Adam Corn wrote:

Yea this comes out on PSN on Tuesday.  Includes two extra characters and an extra map (Pyramid of Ruin) from the Xbox DLC, as well as four-player local co-op to go along with the six-player online.

If anybody with a PS3 bought this and wants to play, add me (the_miker) on PSN!

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