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Dais Nov 26, 2008

It popped up in Japan about two months ago or so (as a location test, I think, like in the video). I'm really surprised to see a unit in the US. Probably be years before we get to hear what the music is like.

You might also like to pine over this:

See those epic Castlevania III cutscenes?

It's a slot machine.

XLord007 Nov 27, 2008

Arcubalis wrote:

Just saw this this this morning.  Some Castelvania light gun rail whip game thing at a Los Angeles arcade: … 2763.phtml

Looks cool, but it'd be nice if attacks actually showed a whip on the screen rather than blue-looking laser things.

Is this old news?  I never heard about this.

Didn't IGA specifically say he didn't want to make a game like this for the Wii because your arm would get too tried playing it?  Not that it matters since this doesn't look very entertaining anyway...

Jay Nov 27, 2008

I've got a Jet Set Radio one and I love it. Well, I love having it. Playing it just feels fairly pointless. The game decides when you're going to win or lose. There's not even the illusion of skill to cling to.

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