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Ashley Winchester Nov 23, 2016 (edited Nov 23, 2016)

As I've mentioned in other threads I've kind of gotten back into music in the last few years. I started to focus more on music last year when the right song came along and re-sparked my interest in the whole damn thing. I have to say it's been awesome (except when you have to sell out for a Japanese import for a good bonus track) but I now need to look back into bands I liked back in the early 2000's and check out what they've put out since my interest puttered out about a decade ago. Thankfully it's so damn easy to check out music these days compared to the early 2000's.

Anyway, it's been a mixed bag so far.

Brainstorm: German power metal band.

First of all, don't let Brainstorm's labeling as a power metal band make you think they're a stereotypical power metal band. In my opinion they are pretty atypical because their music is not insanely melodic and strays away from most of the cheesy cliches. I really enjoyed 2003's Soul Temptation and 2005's Liquid Monster and considered that the band's peak as when I looked into their backlog in those years I didn't find much to like. Anyway, it seemed they found their groove with those two releases.

Unfortunately, after listening to the new material the band really fell into a rut.

My GOD, this band DID NOT evolve at all. The five albums after 2005's Liquid Monster all sound the same! You could take all the songs from those albums, scramble the track listing and I'd have no idea which track was from which album. DAMN SHAME! Additionally, while I think the two albums I enjoyed when younger are better, if you took away the nostalgia factor I don't know if they would escape being part of a boring, overarching pattern.

I thought Brainstorm deserved more credit than they got but now I'm not so sure.

Highlord: Italian power metal band.

Unlike Brainstorm, at least Highlord's music has evolved. I'm not on board with the newer tunes to the point where I'd buy any of the new albums, but the band has matured and explored new ideas beyond the rather rudimentary, older releases of their's I like.

Edit: To be honest, I just revised 2004's "Medusa's Coil" and this album is actually better than I remember. I might pick this one up to go with my copy of 2000's "When The Aurora Falls..."

So does anyone else need to catch up with any bands they like? I honestly have a long way to go myself, so many damn bands with a few releases each, I'll be busy for a while. Did any bands you like get better or worse? I can't help but feel most of mine got worse - but my taste probably just matured.

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