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avatar! Aug 19, 2016

Anyone remember the great PS3 game "Catherine"?  There are some funny stories and endings dealing with women's wrestling. Which, I gather is really popular in Japan? Never really occurred to me until this:

USA underdog beats the most decorated wrestler (male or female) in Olympic history -Saori Yoshida. Well, she sure took it hard, sobbing while receiving her silver medal, but she was certainly respectful bowing left and right. Helen Maroulis was crying too, only she was happy.

Anyway, overall I still think the Olympics are gunk. Women's wrestling not so much, because it hasn't caught on nearly as well as other sports (at least not here in the USA) so I suspect it's still relatively pure. Those women are amazing athletes! Hmmm, I wonder if Ms. Maroulis is single big_smile

Amazingu Aug 22, 2016

Can't watch the video in Japan ironically, but yeah, women's wrestling is quite popular here, and Saori Yoshida is a pretty famous athlete. This whole story has been all over the news, and there's not a dry eye in the country, haha.

And then there was Risako Kawai, who body-slammed her coach after winning gold: … 5136881143

Looks like there are at least some athletes left who still know how to have fun.

Gotta love that pic of Usain Bolt as well: … 72479.html

avatar! Aug 22, 2016

And in 4 years Tokyo will host the Olympics. In the Rio closing ceremonies, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe came out of a green pipe... yup, he was dressed as Super Mario. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be impressed or amused, but somehow I find myself a bit miffed. I guess I was hoping the image of Japan today would be more immersed in tradition and history than, well, video games. However, I don't really like the Olympics anyway, so color me jaded. … me-minster

Jodo Kast Aug 22, 2016

avatar! wrote:

However, I don't really like the Olympics anyway, so color me jaded.

Something you don't like? I had no idea...haha

Amazingu Aug 22, 2016

I'm more miffed that one of the biggest assholes in Japanese politics was dressing up as one of my favorite video game mascots.

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