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jazzpaladin Feb 11, 2015

Greetings all! I am excited to have found an exciting new place where lovers of game music can be united against all forms of oppression against the world of video game arts!

I am not too sure if this is an appropriate avenue or not, but just thought I would take a minute or two to introduce myself. So please let me know if this needs to be moderated or removed, and I can take it from there!

My name is Michael, and I am currently on a quest (Or call it a Mission from God, if you are more of a Blues Brothers type...Equally important for us Paladins!)

After years of wrestling with the idea, I finally decided that I needed to take matters into my own hands in order for Justice to be served. Many video game music composers have poured their hearts into making music that stirs the soul, and in many cases (especially those working in the 8 and 16 bit eras), these people have failed to be recognized for their remarkable works since many times people judge them based on the limitations of the media they worked on.

A secondary injustice upon fans of games themselves is the fact that, despite their valiant efforts to make their voices heard, many companies fail to listen to these fans and produce remakes of their timeless video game classics. While I cannot combat this Evil directly (The Dark Ones are very powerful indeed), I can offer to produce an art form that will take you back the the place where your fondest musical memories began. A place where Mist Dragons roam and Time Devourers threaten the existence off all. A place where Dracula is born again every 100 years, and where Lunarians slumber. A place where we can all be Heroes.

Thus, Jazz Paladin Productions has been born. I hope to share more news about my endeavours over the next few days and weeks, but know that I am here to answer any questions or take any suggestions that any may have.

What I can tell you so far is that from a production standpoint, the ball is rolling, and things are sounding great. My weapons of choice are the saxophone and electric harp, as well as secondary percussion instruments, so I hope to entertain with whatever skill that I can.

I hope to have a few songs streaming in the next few weeks, and building am building up to an eventual CD release.  As of now, a smooth version of Corridors of Time is nearing release, it may be up as early as Saturday...

With Faith As Their Shield,
Jazz Paladin

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