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Ashley Winchester Feb 6, 2017

Okay, so I just got an e-mail about this, probably because I recently ordered a UVERworld single from the site the other day, I was just wondering if anyone has used this yet and can give me any feedback?

I plan on buying something through a proxy relatively soon, but I'll probably go with the tired and true option just out of simplicity.

Additionally, if you wouldn't recommend CD Japan's service, which service would you recommend?

jb Feb 7, 2017

You're asking if anyone's used their service that they literally just announced today ...? Read their promotional page, digest it, compare it to whatever proxy service(s) you're currently using and see if it is a better fit. All proxy services are relatively equal and if you're only using it to buy one thing, then it probably doesn't matter what service you use. Proxy services are mostly beneficial to people who bulk order items on the secondary market (auctions, used stores) or order items that require a Japanese mailing address. For one off items, just use CDJ Daiko and put it in the next order you make, or just ship it solo.

XISMZERO Feb 7, 2017

From the looks of it, it's a fairly decent middleman service. It's traded in yen which is in American buyer's favor right now. With it being 250 yen + 10% right now just to place an order, not quite competitive enough with SMJ's at $4 flat rate. Will likely be very close to other proxy services. My guess is SMJ will still win over this option. CDJ does seem to look frendlier. Let's see if they select retailers or let you select even if it might have a competition angle (like Tower Record Japan, who produces many exclusive remastered/reissues).

My issues with CD Japan are they've been known to take a week just to process an order on their site whereas Amazon JP gets it done in a day or two with less costly and very effecient DHL as opposed to FedEx (very fast, more expensive) and EMS (which means you have to deal with the US post and their byzantine policy of not allowing signature release).

What always prevents me from using them and other proxy services is the variable "procurement fee" (acquiring the item inside Japan, shipped to the proxy buyer address) which can easily make the final total almost 2.5x the cost. For me, it's the nuclear option and it's gotta be something that has a once-a-year auction frequency.

Ashley Winchester Feb 8, 2017

jb wrote:

You're asking if anyone's used their service that they literally just announced today ...?

Yeah, I kind of asked the wrong question. This topic was originally supposed to be about prostate heath. So to get back on track how's your prostate? Remember, a healthy prostate is a happy prostate.

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