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Ramza Dec 10, 2016 (edited Dec 11, 2016)

OK, no one likes drama CDs ... unless they know Japanese. I get it. … w&userid=8

I have those listed for $15 each. That's far less than what I paid to get them off of Y!J.

If you can stand to listen to untranslated, over-acted voices, you get to hear arrangements of classic DQ music arranged by Hayato Matsuo exclusively for these albums. The version of the music found on these drama CDs can be found nowhere else.

AND... each album comes with a 20 page artbook, except for Torneko's Great Adventure ... that one is only 6 pages, which is weak.

So yeah ... all 3 volumes of DQIV, the first volume of DQV, and the Torneko album. That's 5 of a total of 12 "CD Theater" albums that Enix printed way back when. The rest are all semi-easily located on Y!J if you wanted a complete collection. I and II are up allllll the time for cheap prices. VI and the rest of V is what will cost you.

Once again, that's $15 per item ... but if you buy all five, I'll make it $50 ($10 each). In fact, as long as you buy just 3 of them (the DQIV set would be nice), I'll make it $30 ($10 each). And free shipping in the US.

Let me know,

EDIT -- actually, if someone buys all five ... $40, which is $8 each. Please, please PM me or use milkshakeman AT juno to contact me. Or use vgmdb, username Ramza.

Ramza Jan 7, 2017

New deal for my STC friends:

you get these five albums for free. Just pay S&H.

I need to get these out of the house for complicated reasons that involve an angry wife.

Help a brother out,

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