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chocobo000 Feb 14, 2006 (edited Feb 21, 2012)

A couple of CDs, DVDs, games, and misc for sale. In general, all are complete and in mint condition, unless otherwise noted. Please email me if you would like detailed specifics about a certain item.

Buyer pays actual shipping. I can ship via 1st Class, Priority Mail, or worldwide.
I can accept PayPal or Money Orders/cash as payment.



$20 - Hanjuku Hero vs 3D Original Soundtrack
[SSCX-10095~6, Mint Condition]
Hanjuku Hero Original Soundtrack
[TIN-50, Mint Condition]
Tatakae! Hanjuku Hero Single
[SSCX-10089, scratches on CD and cracks in case]


$5 - Kane & and Lynch 2: Dog Days (PC)
[Steam Activation Key unused]
[Win 7 Vista XP, Mint Condition]

$17 - Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (NDS)
[NTR-P-BO5E-USA, Brand New and Sealed]

$35 - Kirby Super Star Ultra (NDS)
[NTR-P-YKWE-USA, Brand New and Sealed]

$40 - Final Fantasy XIII-2 (360)
[662248911175, Brand New and Sealed]

$50 - Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (PS2)
[Black Label, NOT Greatest Hits]
[SLUS-21799, Brand New and Sealed]

$110 - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Collector's Edition (PS3)
[w/ Weapon (Genji Bow) + Alternate Costume (Summoner's Garb) DLC]
[BLUS-30925, Brand New and Sealed]

$130 - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Collector's Edition (PS3)
[w/ Final Fantasy XIII -Episode i- Hardback Novella Book]
[BLUS-30925, Brand New and Sealed]

$40 - Final Fantasy XIII -Episode i- Hardback Novella Book
[Mint Condition]

chocobo000 Mar 10, 2006 (edited Dec 29, 2008)

Wanted: For sale or trade

Tsukino Akari - Final Fantasy IV Ai no Theme LE - Megumi Ida
Why LE - Ayaka
Symphonic Poem Hope LE - Taro Hakase
Kiss Me Goodbye LE - Angela Aki

Final Fantasy N Generation
Final Fantasy S Generation

Svenlove2003 Mar 11, 2006

I was juts wondering if the Legend of Mana is the first pressing with cardborad slipcase.Does it come with obi?Does your Chrono trigger OSV comes with sticker and an orange paper?I will pay you within two weeks now.
Thanks for waiting.

Eclisis Jan 28, 2008

Received the CDs today and everything was perfect!  Thanks again!

*crawls back into hole*

Jung Mar 27, 2009 (edited Mar 27, 2009)

Just wanted to thank chocobo000 for a great transaction, item was exactly as described and it arrived perfectly, thanks again!!!

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