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Mister W Apr 7, 2006

Well, I didn't think I would post something about it, but it has become really annoying.
'Bought some soundtracks some weeks ago, from nippon-export ( There was already this case about DDS ost, USED MINT instead of BRAND NEW. Taking my time, I have been opening CDs one after another. Gosh, never seen boxes that used ! Even the sticker on Maken X remixes has been removed a bit, like it was scratched by one's fingernail.
And of course, I'm deeply in a paranoia, since the sealing plastics are completely flawless. (magic fingernails roll)
No really, don't make the same mistake, avoid them and you'll avoid refurbished for good.
The funny thing is they can be at least as much ugly as I can : … s_id=17257.
I guess I'll keep writing comments, and they'll keep deleting them (read it while you can).

raynebc Apr 7, 2006

No reviews on the site for that item, did they just reseal the plastic and send you a heavily-used OST instead?

LuxKiller65 Apr 10, 2006

Stupid people trying to rip you off... you're right, your comment has already disappeared!


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