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Adam Corn Nov 24, 2013 (edited Dec 1, 2013)

Most if not all of Chris Huelsbeck's early game soundtrack library - Shades, Rainbows, To Be On Top, Turrican, et al. - is now available in lossless quality at Bandcamp.

Seeing those old-school album covers brings back some memories. big_smile

Adam Corn Dec 1, 2013

And Huelsbeck's new Turrican Anthology is now available as well, each of the four volumes available for download separately.  From the album description on Bandcamp:

Chris Huelsbeck presents: The »Turrican Soundtrack Anthology«, a comprehensive 4 volume collection of music from the Turrican series of games, faithfully recreated, arranged and updated with high end studio sounds.

Volume 1: Turrican 1
Volume 2: Turrican 2
Volume 3: Turrican 3, Mega Turrican and a large portion of Super Turrican
Volume 4: Super Turrican 1+2, plus an 11-minute "Turrican 2 - Anthology Suite" arranged by Roger Wanamo and performed by the WDR Orchestra

Anybody given this a listen?

Namorbia Dec 3, 2013

I backed enough money to get the physical CD + the USB stick with all the original music, ripped professionally for this project. I just want the music, I'll give/sell the physical stuff later.

So far, I've only listened to the first volume. It's good. Not special, at least not yet. I don't know the original music well, but the arrangements sound straightforward. I mostly prefer that, since I like stuff that stick quite close to the original material, enhancing it and building around it, not overpowering it.

Razakin Dec 3, 2013

Namorbia, I call dibs on the USB stick tongue. Forgot all about upgrading my pledge to get that too. And really should give this a listen someday, even if I want wait for the physical set.

Namorbia Dec 4, 2013

I'm not so sure I want to sell that USB stick smile I actually need one and if it's cool and practical I might keep it. I'm also getting two big posters, but I'm unsure what I'll do with them.

Looks like Hülsbeck will start shipping the CDs next week. A forum member already contacted me about the CDs, so those are taken smile

I'd like to hear people's thoughts on the orchestral arrangement by Roger Wanamo. I saw it live and liked it a lot. It really kept the pumping action feel of the Turrican music. I think it had a mediocre slower part, but that's just because I didn't recognize the melodies of that part. I'm really looking forward to listening to the originals and then listening to the arrangements again.

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