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Dais May 19, 2009

maybe I missed this elsewhere, but whoa!


still, I can't help but think how far away this is from the treatment given to Vincent Diamante's work on Castlevania: Order of Shadows. Sure, it's a cellphone game and sounds awful because it's MIDI, but those need love too!

Of course, it doesn't help that cellphone music doesn't really get released for free or commercially, and Konami Mobile is still a relatively new company and doesn't really have an guideline for doing so. Luckily, nothing can get in the way of Castlevania preservation:

(you may recognize that name from Cloud and PSN's Flower, both of which he did the music to)

(also, in case you're even slightly tempted to bitch at me for topic subversion, I believe Diamante handled the cellphone version of Contra 4, which is basically plain MIDI renditions of Virt's score and doesn't hold up nearly well through emulation)

Angela May 19, 2009

Sami wrote:

So, more than a year later... is this available anywhere? And just how is the quality, remastered or not?

Wondering this myself.  Arcubalis wrote a solid review, but it'd be cool to get a comparison on the sound engineering work.

Dais wrote:

maybe I missed this elsewhere, but whoa!

Definitely looking forward to this.  They've been mum as to whether this will see a physical retail release or not.  The Ocean remix is sounding pretty bitchin' in its current form; those bass guitar plucks and strums are spot-on. :)

tri-Ace Super Fan May 19, 2009

There will be a physical CD release. They're shooting to open pre-orders roughly around July 1st, give or take. They're planning to release some more demos on Youtube soon too.

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