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vert1 Dec 17, 2011 (edited Jan 13, 2017)

This thread is to talk about concepts that are underdeveloped and expand on them.

Buck Bumble was a game made by Ubisoft for the N64. One of the best bug games ever made. It featured a bee named Buck Bumble that flew around and shot various different insects in the name of freedom or something. It had many different levels types: shoot em' all, timed escape missions, plant bomb missions, etc. This game really deserves a sequel.

What can be done with for the sequel? Here are my ideas:

A. Enhanced control
-I think they will have to add a lock-on targeting system. The aiming works fine for everything except multi-player. The reason for this is because the enemies are large or fly in paths that are followable in single-player.

-Improved aerial mobility is also a must. I want Buck to do barrel rolls.

-I was thinking about an ability to do an aerial pile drive to send other bees into the gunk or water in a death match.
-Perhaps the swooping animation could be used to throw held items.

B. More environment interaction
-I want to have a level that "comes to life" so to speak. A level where you have to dodge stuff the wind is blowing at you or children running. [Sidenote: like the dinosaur legs in Conker's Bad Fur Day lava race in story mode]

C. Enhanced Multiplayer
(I) Player Count: 16 People
-the problem with multi-player in the first is that you don't have enough people to shoot at. It's also pretty difficult to find and shoot at 1 bee.

D. Expanding on Buzz Ball
-There is a pretty cool game in the original where two players try to knock a soccer ball 10 times their size into the opposing soccer goal. It was pretty bare bones. I'd really like to see more guns and possible power-ups added to this for maximum fun. Maybe even allow players to attach their feet to the ball (like the bomb drop missions) to ride the ball into the goal.

-The R-button should do a bicycle kick when you flip.

E. Power-Ups and Such
-There should be an item that activates an angry swarm of wasps to attack your rival.

E. Additional Multi-player modes
(I) Bee versus human multi-player
-this would be pretty cool if players could survive an onslaught of a human controlled human attacking a bee colony. I can imagine the human player using Kinect to swipe and kick off attacking bees.
(II) Mercenaries mode and Horde Mode
(III) Survivor mode
-where you fight enemies off in a small cabin.


I will be uploading footage of Buck Bumble with audio commentary to better illustrate my points.

vert1 Dec 13, 2016 (edited Dec 13, 2016)

This concept was developed further in a game this generation: Rocket League.

Idolores Dec 17, 2016

vert1 wrote:

One of the best bug games ever made

It's not exactly a crowded field.

I remember seeing this game, though. Used to call it "f--- Bumble" because 16 year old me was firmly planted at the zenith of clever wit.

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