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avatar! Jan 28, 2006

You're selling Ogre Grand Repeat... are you insane??  Well, maybe I'm being a bit silly, but OGR is one of my favorite CDs!  If anyone is interested, it has my highest recommendation.  Beautiful music from Ogre Battle, all performed by a full orchestra.  Wonderful stuff!  If you do sell it, make sure you get a pretty penny, it's worth it smile



layzee Feb 6, 2006 (edited Feb 6, 2006)

Hi McCall,

I sent you an email about a week ago but evidently it didn't make it. ):

I'll just ask here:

How much will shipping to Australia cost and how many business days should I expect to wait for it to arrive?

I'm interested in your Soukaigi PS1 game, Baroque Mode album (I'll offer you $8?), and maybe your Magna Carta package which I assume is the PC version.


layzee Feb 6, 2006

Ah, so that was you at SD. tongue

Oh well, I'll give you (and me) time to think about Baroque Mode. If I'm gonna buy overseas, I'd rather buy multiple stuff and not just one item who's shipping price is possibly more expensive than the item itself. I still want BM though. (:

Bye bye $5 Soukaigi :tear:

Anyway, if in the future you have other stuff to get rid off, let us know. I'll see if there's anything I wanna buy in conjunction with Baroque Mode. If I do, I'll pay buy PayPal + Cheap postage. (;

GL with your auctions.


layzee Feb 6, 2006

Hmm, seeing as how you already have one bid for that package (and will probably get more), I wouldn't want you to ruin your eBay activities by cancelling that auction. (:

I probably would have been interested in Xenosaga 2 and the Suikoden 4 guide book though.

Anyway, don't worry about it. (:

layzee Feb 6, 2006

Jeah, keep it safe for me, I'll get it eventually. (:

Thanks for the tip about Soukaigi.

<- Is a bit of an eBay n00b, hasn't eBayed since early 2000s until a few weeks ago. Times have changed. ;D

Mebbe I could find some similar deals.


layzee Feb 10, 2006 (edited Feb 12, 2006)

Hi, me again. ^^

Well, I gave it some thought, and I think I will make an offer to buy bulk from you. p:

Here's what I'm after this time, which is practically everything on your auction, and then some:

Xenosaga II (PS2)
Ace Combat 5 (PS2)
Tenchu Wrath of Heaven (PS2)
Dragon Quest VIII Demo (PS2)
Crimson Sea (Xbox)
Soukaigi (PS1)
Baroque (PS1)
Suikoden 4 Strategy Guide
Baroque Mode (Audio CD)
Legend of Heroes III: Symphonic Fantasy (Audio CD)

Also, I will offer you $25USD for both Baroque music CD and game as part of my calculations.

Taking into account that the PS2/Xbox games are used and rather old, my offer for everything listed:

$75USD (excluding postage)

Let me know if that's a fair price or not (;

PS yikes @ '69 Bill

EDIT: Did it the old-fashioned way. (;

Zaggart Feb 14, 2006

McCall wrote:

The paper on the side of Japanese games and CDs.

I'm pretty sure almost anything that you buy in japan has a spine card.

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