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Adam Corn Nov 21, 2013

I had no idea this was an Xbox One download-only launch title until I noticed reviews cropping up.  Sadly judging by said reviews it doesn't live up to the Panzer Dragoon series it's meant to succeed.  From Game Informer's review:

I loved the original Panzer Dragoon games, so just to make sure I wasn’t misremembering the quality of the series I went back and sampled the library. I had more fun playing the first levels of Sega’s old shooters than I did with my entire time with Crimson Dragon. Hardcore fans of classic on-rails shooters like Star Fox or Space Harrier might be able to play through this while wearing rose-tinted glasses, but it doesn’t hold a candle to its precursors that came out decades ago.

On the one hand, as a huge Panzer Dragoon fan I'm disappointed to hear it fails to live up to the series' pedigree (I found Orta was the first slip downward).  On the other I think it serves them right for being Xbox exclusive. hmm

Ashley Winchester Nov 21, 2013

That's unfortunate to hear. I'm a really big fan of the second game - Panzer Dragoon Zwei - and on rail shooters are in pretty short supply these days.

Still, I like how the article you quoted mentions Star Fox and Dragoon because when I younger Zwei appealed to me probably because I had Star Fox for the SNES.

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