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Angela May 20, 2006

Just got back from seeing M:I-3 again tonight, and I finally got a glimpse at another potentially favorite movie of mine this year...... the new Pirates of The Caribbean!  (Yes, I missed the previews the first time.)

The trailer looks damned good.  Somehow, it's looking like a far more serious outing than the last film..... but then, I need to remember that the first movie's trailer was very much the same way.  And it seems like the make-up guys are going all-out this time, particularly on the Davy Jones-related characters. 

Dead Man's Chest trailer

Ryu May 20, 2006

Yeah, I've been looking forward to this film (and its soundtrack) for a long time.

Sami May 20, 2006

The soundtrack won't be by Klaus Badelt like the first one, this time it will be by Hans Zimmer. I can't say to have good hopes of the score.

Angela May 21, 2006 (edited May 22, 2006)

Sami wrote:

The soundtrack won't be by Klaus Badelt like the first one, this time it will be by Hans Zimmer. I can't say to have good hopes of the score.

We did have a brief conversation about Badelt/Zimmer and Pirates 2 in the Anime & Film forum.  I continue to have high hopes for the score, so we shall see.

EDIT: As a point of interest, here's are recordings of both Pirates trailers.  I'm still trying to nail what cues they used for Dead Man's Chest; or maybe they're borrowing trailer-specific cues from something like Immediate Music?  Anyone know?

Pirates Trailers

Angela Jun 18, 2006

For Ryu in particular, and anyone else interested, AICN's Moriarty paid a recent visit to Bruckheimer and Verbinski, and got a sneak peek at the film in its final production phases.  His write-up sounds extremely promising, as here's some of what he had to say:

"One thing that they have on their side is the fact that they’ve brought back everyone. And I mean everyone. As much as Johnny Depp was a key piece of the puzzle, he wasn’t the whole picture. I think Gore Verbinski is one of those directors who really is the whole package. He chooses to make really commercial fare, but I like the way he approaches filmmaking. I think he’s got a strong visual style, but he doesn’t overpower the films he’s making. He’s not just going to ladle on the style for the sake of it. Instead, he seems to appreciate a good script and he definitely makes room for his actors to have fun and contribute truly special work. Those are valuable skills that many A-listers don’t possess, and I think part of what made the first PIRATES work was the way it managed to include some sly nods to the ride without ever feeling perfunctory or like a simple commercial."

"I don’t recommend films simply for visual effects work. At this point, there are several companies who routinely do excellent work, and the bar has been raised so high that people have stopped noticing innovation. From film to film right now, software gets refined or rendering power gets increased or people perfect certain tools, and everything is so cutting edge that nothing is. It takes a lot for me to really stop and stare at something in confusion.  Hats off, then, to the guys at ILM this time around for their work on the crew of Davy Jones’s ship. These cursed souls have started to change into creatures of the sea in strange and disturbing ways. Every one of his crewmen are elaborately designed. And every one of those make-up jobs in this film were done digitally. These aren’t entirely CGI creations, either. These are digital make-up jobs done to the actors who are absolutely giving the performances you’re watching."

".... And that, of course, is Davy Jones. Bill Nighy, who’s been on a real roll lately, is going to be one of the most iconic screen creations of the year as Davy. Every single moment of screen time I saw with him was fascinating. It’s a well-imagined character, but beyond that, watching how Nighy inhabits this digital make-up is remarkable. I was shown footage of Nighy live on-set, and then I was shown the finished footage of him in the film, and it’s remarkable. The crazy details, like the way the body of the octopus throbs on the back of his head like a brain-sac or the way he blows air through his lips when exasperated, are what sell Davy Jones as real. Also, the film has big enough balls to do many of the Jones sequences in harsh, bright sunlight, daring you to find something wrong with what you’re seeing. Davy Jones and his crew are all different, all designed with that same rich attention to detail, and all of them fully-articulated to the same degree."

"There’s no question... this is a gigantic, expensive, risky movie for Disney. It’s not as risky as trying to sell something no one’s ever heard of, but there’s still a lot of pressure on the filmmakers to succeed and to justify the massive bill required to bring this one to life. This is risky because the first film was such a happy accident, a great example of chemistry gone right, and trying to recreate that can sometimes be a losing proposition and even irritate an audience enough to ruin their affection for the original.  That won’t happen here. This is as smart and as solid a sequel as I can imagine Hollywood making at this point. It looks like they listened to the audience of the original, and they really thought about what worked. This thing wasn’t rushed, and you can tell. Every frame of what I saw had been lavished with attention and was packed with layer upon layer of things to look at and to rewatch. This looks to be one of those rare sequels that actually makes the first film richer if everything pays off as well as what I saw. Although I wasn’t exactly dying to see a sequel to PIRATES when it was first announced, this has won me over, little by little. That last trailer was a pretty much flawless blockbuster trailer, and that’s when I really started to suspect that this one might be something special. Seeing this footage and spending the time listening to Bruckheimer talking about what they’ve done convinced me completely."
You can check out the whole write-up here, as well as a few neat conceptual pics of Davy Jones' crew, but be warned that there are story spoilers to be found:

Wanderer Jun 18, 2006

Keep in mind that the score to the first "Pirates" was written by like twelve people. Then again, the same could be true of the sequel. Just because it says Zimmer doesn't mean that he won't bring his lackeys over like he did with "Tears of the Sun" and countless other scores...

Ryu Jun 18, 2006

Thanks for the insight, Angela.  I was hoping not to have the movie elevated onto a pedestal; sadly, AICN just couldn't help themselves.  Good to know that they thoroughly enjoyed it.  I'm guessing the music wasn't mentioned or you would've snipped it, because I'm refraining from the potential spoilers by not following your link.

Angela Jun 19, 2006

Ryu wrote:

I'm guessing the music wasn't mentioned or you would've snipped it, because I'm refraining from the potential spoilers by not following your link.

No mention on the music, though we can likely assume that it too is in the last stages of post-production.  I can confirm, though, that "He's A Pirate" will be making a return in some fashion; whether or not it'll serve as the film's main theme again -- or perhaps as a sub-theme -- is still up in the air.

Angela Jun 19, 2006

The server looks like it's getting slammed at the moment, so I'm unable to hear any of the samples -- but the write-up is more than enough to whet the ol' appetite.  Verily, it's great to see the "He's A Pirate" main theme being reprised here (I've gotta hear that DJ Tiësto mix!), but it looks like Zimmer's got a good handle on several other themes, both new and old, for the score.  I am wary about the track titles, though, if the first album's mixed up names and order are any indication.

The Superman Returns write-up was excellent, too.  Can't wait for the CD!

Wanderer Jun 19, 2006

Well, Superman Returns has been leaked onto the internet and the music is actually quite good, definitely Ottman's best work.

As for PotC2, we'll see. I'm not a big fan of the MV sound but I will admit that PotC was a gigantic guilty pleasure for me. Judging from the samples, PotC2 follows much in the footsteps of PotC but it's bigger and meaner. And it has an organ! You don't hear that in a film score every day...

Angela Jul 7, 2006

Let's shift this on over to movie discussion now, shall we? :)

I'll keep it spoiler-free, for now, but what I can say is that I know it's going to take a second or third viewing to get my head around the plot.  I fully expect it to sink in eventually, because that's the thing with Rossio and Elliot screenplays; all of the plot elements really do fall into place.  That said, of course, it's obvious that things will need resolving for the next film. 

Other than that, it was one hell of a ride.  It was great to see most of the principle cast back, and the set pieces just kept getting more and more amazing as the movie went on.  Music was robust, highly thematic, and just felt right for the film, clearly leaving me wanting a more complete soundtrack than the one we received.

I'm glad I went with the internet to buy my tickets. Showings were sold out all day, and lines for ticket-holder were totally out the door.

Angela Jul 10, 2006

Came back from my second viewing last night, and it was even better than the first time. I've definitely chipped in for that $55 million+ weekend earning.  o_O 

It is INSANELY fun.  I certainly didn't feel it being too long, and if anything, I would've loved to have two more hours added in.  And the story makes quite a bit more sense the second time around, as you're simply going to miss those subtle scenes that becomes so important in defining character motives the first time.

Man, I love the liar's dice scene....

Angela Jul 29, 2006

Today was my fifth viewing of the film since its July 7th release.  I know I should be going to see Superman Returns, and Miami Vice, and Super-Ex, and Monster House, but damn it..... pirates sure do know how to pillage my entertainment buck.

Has anyone here seen the film even once yet?  Thoughts?

Zaggart Jul 29, 2006

Angela wrote:

Today was my fifth viewing of the film since its July 7th release.  I know I should be going to see Superman Returns, and Miami Vice, and Super-Ex, and Monster House, but damn it..... pirates sure do know how to pillage my entertainment buck.

Has anyone here seen the film even once yet?  Thoughts?


I have seen the first and second once each. I don't know how to describe my feelings for it, I mean I wasn't drawn in and on the edge of my seat but I wasn't bored any time through the movie.

XLord007 Jul 29, 2006

Angela wrote:

Today was my fifth viewing of the film since its July 7th release.

Fifth viewing?  Holy crap.  I don't think I often see that many different movies in one year let alone the same movie.

Ryu Jul 29, 2006

I saw it once at the midnight showing.  I'll see it again 12/5 or so when I buy the DVD.

Wanderer Jul 30, 2006 (edited Jul 30, 2006)

I saw it once and I have no interest in seeing it again. It was a good movie for what it was but it could have used a pruning. It was at least thirty minutes too long. On the bright side, the Kraken was awesome and I loved the multi-cliffhanger (with each character facing some sort of peril, whether emotional or physical). Still, it didn't match up to the first one.

BAMAToNE Jul 30, 2006

I just saw Pirates 2 tonight and I have to say I wasn't impressed. After having really loved the first one, I found myself actually itching for this movie to end. It just rolled on and didn't really seem to get anywhere. I was bored, to be blunt. Bah. The third one better be awesome.

Adam Corn Aug 2, 2006

Well the movie finally came to Japan last weekend so I watched it last night.  I agree with some of the previous comments that it's too long and the plot doesn't have any real driving force behind it, just rolling along from one quest to the next (felt a bit like a video game in that regard).

On the bright side the effects were pretty brilliant and there are some truly fun - albeit over the top - action sequences (another way in which it reminded me of a video game).

All in all I've ended up with pretty much the same sentiment as regarding the first - a good action movie and no regrets over seeing it but no repeat viewings for me anytime soon.  I attribute its success to the appeal of the cast, Deep in particular.  Which is fair enough as he just oozes charisma.

The score is great stuff!  Plan to get it ASAP!

Angela Aug 6, 2006

Hm.  Seeing your reactions (and taking into account my own obsessive fandom) got me sort of wondering if there's any truth that girls and women tend to resonate more with these films than the guys do?  The notion is that females really enjoy these sort of swashbuckling excursions and romanticizing of pirates. (The inclusion of Depp and Bloom certainly can't hurt either.)  I get very contrasting reactions when I tell people of my multiple viewings of the movie.  From guys, it's mostly, "Yeah, it was a fun flick, but..... was it THAT fun?", while the women almost always say, "I wouldn't mind seeing it again myself."  In short, guys mostly like it, gals revere it.

As for the movie's length being too long, I couldn't disagree more.  If you were to ask me to make cuts anywhere in the film, I just couldn't do it.  I would have actually wanted a LONGER running time, but then again, I absolutely adore this world and its characters.

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