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vert1 Apr 8, 2017 (edited Apr 8, 2017)

This is a thread on all things related to player aiming controls for videogames and movement options. I'd like to start off the discussion on games that require the player to firmly plant themselves in place to shoot versus games that allow you to move while shooting. What do you think of games where moving and shooting actions are separate from one another? What do you think of games that combine them? What do you think of hybrid shooters that allow freedom of movement while shooting with a ordinary weapons but lock down player foot movement for using a powerful weapon like missiles*?

Realistic aiming control and avatar movement control:
Resident Evil 4, Shadows of the Damned, and Splinter Cell regular aiming demonstration. Videos showcase how the reticle is controlled with lateral movement. Aiming movement can be sped up by increasing slider bar in settings in SOTD, while RE4 had specific weapons that were inherently sped up (i.e. Blacktail handgun). RE4 does not allow strafing while aiming like the others do. Splinter Cell has a very controlled and slow feel compared to the other games.
Resident Evil 4 enhanced aiming demonstration. Video showcases how the reticle is controlled through angular shifting side movement. This feature was added after the demo and not picked up by other third-person shooters. If you aim with a holstered Red 9, for example, you cannot access enhanced aiming.

Realistic aiming control and stylish avatar movement control:
PN03 aiming and movement demonstration. Lock-on aiming. Extremely quick avatar side movements for dodging and repositioning the character (0:22 - 0:24). Moving and shooting actions are separate from one another.

*Metroid: Other M

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