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Crash Feb 28, 2006

I noticed that a new Disgaea arrange album, labelled "Makai Senki Disgaea Arrange Collection-Dark Label", was produced and given out to pre-orders of Disgaea 2.  Now, I've been burned by Nippon Ichi in the past over such things:

-The Disgaea Arrange soundtrack is little more than a sampler of the soundtrack that was included in the Disgaea LE game

-The Phantom Brave Arrange album was reproduced and distributed with the first printing of the US release of the game

-The Nippon Ichi Charity Concert CD was, well, not good

So, before I spend an exorbitant amount of money on this, I'd like to know if it is any good first.  Does it have any new material, or is it just a re-release of the same stuff they've already put out?  I get the sneaking suspicion that this is nothing more than the other half of the original Disgaea OST.

So, any thoughts?

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