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XISMZERO May 8, 2012

Selling my pristine Akumajo Dracula Best Music Collections BOX to the interested party for only $135.

I paid a little less for it originally and I'm not looking to make a huge profit and would like to pass it on to a fellow collector. I'm not too sure how shipping fares for this one but I'm going to guess it'll be around $10.

None of the discs have ever been listened to and the collection has been sitting atop my mantle.

Pictures will be given upon request, please email inquiries and if you have less faith in email, respond to this post that you have sent your inquiry.

Thank you for viewing!

View my other sales!: … 868#p70868

Bassmaster May 17, 2012

Huge Thanks to xismzero for this sale. Item arrived yesterday in brilliant condition, I was surprised it showed up so fast. Sold the box at a great price was very pleasant to deal with and shipped hours after I sent the payment. Buy the rest of his stuff.

Thanks again!

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