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Carl Jul 4, 2008

Apollon had put out some DQ Marches as singles on Vinyl/Cassette, and I'm wondering if these are vocal songs or general arranges...  Anyone have any infos, before I make a blind purchase of the vinyl?

March Dragon Quest

Apparently there's "March" singles for DQ3 and DQ4 also...

Did the contents make it onto the boxset or seen any type of reissue?

Chris Jul 4, 2008

I compiled information on these CDs a while ago:

The format is different to all other pages on the site given it was next to impossible to find good track time information / cover scans at the time. I'll have a look around and see if I can actually split these pages several years on.

Carl Jul 5, 2008

Thanks, I'll probably pick up the AYO7-72 (EP) vinyl in my next order then.

Carl Oct 12, 2008

Got this in the mail now, so I updated the vgmdb page with the full scans.

The previous tracklist information was a bit off compared to the real thing.

Old Info:
01 March Dragon Quest 8:54
02 March Dragon Quest (Extended) 9:49

New Info:
01 March Dragon Quest 4:27
02 March Dragon Quest Medley 4:55

The medley kicks ass though, they pack a lot of tunes in there.

BAMAToNE Oct 13, 2008

Hehe, as much as I love Koichi and DQ, I'm marched out. I almost always skip over it now when I'm listening through the albums. What's the medley like? I always enjoyed the "Game Sound Stories" on the compiliation cds.

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