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Angela May 27, 2006

Just a heads-up that Circuit City is having an advertised sale from May 28th to June 3rd, where DQ8, among other games, are going to be marked down to $9.99.  Here's the sale list:

PS2 Greatest Hits: Killzone >>>> PS2
PS2 Greatest Hits: Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal >>>> PS2
PS2 Greatest Hits: Jak 3 >>>> PS2
Conflict: Vietnam >>>> PS2
Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge >>>> PS2
True Crime: NYC >>>> PS2 / XBOX
American Chopper 2 >>>> PS2 / XBOX
Rainbow Six 3 >>>> PS2
From Russia With Love >>>> PS2 / XBOX / Gamecube
Rainbow Six: Lockdown >>>> PS2 / XBOX
50 Cent: Bulletproof >>> PS2 / XBOX
Infected >>>> PSP
Getting Up >>> PS2 / XBOX
Matrix: Path of Neo >>>> PS2 / XBOX
Blitz The League >>>> PS2 / XBOX
Dragon Ball Z: Sagas >>>> PS2 / XBOX / Gamecube
PacMan: Pinball Adventure >>>> GameBoy Advance
Dynasty Warriors >>>> GameBoy Advance
Shrek: Super Slam >>>> GameBoy Advance
Disney Princess >>>> GameBoy Advance
Spyro: Orange >>>> GameBoy Advance
Dragon Quest VIII >>>> PS2
Harry Potter & Goblet of Fire >>>> PS2
Half-Life >>>> XBOX
Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike >>>> XBOX
Star Wars : Battlefront >>>> XBOX
DOOM 3 >>>> XBOX
Metroid Prime 2 >>>>> Gamecube
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles >>>> Gamecube


Gonna try to snag DQ8 myself, along with Ratchet & Clank 3 and maybe Jak 3.  ^_^

jmj20320514 May 27, 2006

This is just wonderful news! I'm gonna see if I can snag 50 Cent: Bulletproof. That guy's from the streets.

Schala May 28, 2006 (edited May 28, 2006)

Hmmm...I'm almost interested in getting DBZ Sagas. Funny because a certain person was almost afraid that I'd gotten it for them for their birthday simply because it was DBZ, but said person doesn't like the vast majority of video games. ....Hmm, I'll stop there before this gets into a full-blown rant, heh.

raynebc May 28, 2006

I couldn't find any reference to any such sale on their website, where exactly are the details posted?

TerraEpon May 28, 2006

They are also selling CDs that are $11-$14 for $9.77...gonna see if I can snag the three recent "blockbuster" scores - Da Vinci Code, MI:III and X-Men III


Yuvraj May 28, 2006

jmj20320514 wrote:

This is just wonderful news! I'm gonna see if I can snag 50 Cent: Bulletproof. That guy's from the streets.

Sarcasm? Or a sincere fan...?

avatar! May 28, 2006

DQ VIII for $10?  Wow, if anyone can snag me a copy that would be cool!  Needless to say, I'll pay for the game and S&H smile



raynebc May 28, 2006

Screw that, my local Circuit City isn't even keeping From Russia With Love in stock.  Plus their claim of $30 off the game is asinine, the list pricehas dropped to $20, so quite literally, it's only $10 off, and that was only if they actually had been carrying the game.

Qui-Gon Joe May 28, 2006

Wanderer wrote:

Man... I already have DQ8. Is FF:CC worth the purchase?

That depends.  You will probably dislike FFCC if:

1. You foolishly think it's anything like a numbered FF game.
2. You think all Square games must be FMV-laden angst fests to be good.
3. You hate fun.

Seriously, though, for ten bucks it's at least worth trying.  Especially if you have friends with GBAs who can play multiplayer with you.  Even if not, it's a pretty enjoyable hack-and-slash IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GETTING INTO.  For some reason, despite the fact that every preview of the game for a year before it came out said exactly how the game plays (read: simple dungeon crawler), everyone still bought it and was like "OMG THIS ISN'T WHAT I EXPECTED IT SUCKS WHINE WHINE WHINE."  If you go in knowing the kind of game to expect, it's really enjoyable for what it is.  Also, it has my favorite graphics/art direction of this generation, I think.  And one of my favorite soundtracks, too!

Schala May 28, 2006

Wanderer wrote:

Man... I already have DQ8. Is FF:CC worth the purchase?

It's an okay game but not great. It was hell for me to play because that bloody Moogle is so freakin' slow, and the enemies sometimes swoop down on you like there's no tomorrow, that the chalice of miasma-fighting liquid whose name escapes me at the moment is pretty useless. And then you're in for it when Moogle gets inexplicably stuck behind a rock and can't move because he's trying to hover the shortest distance to get to you, which unfortunately is being blocked by said rock or other obstacle.

Heh, I'm releasing all the bile I've been storing up since my 40-inch review that I never turned in.

It's probably best to play with at least 3 people (since with 2 people, 1 person is always holding the chalice and that's their ONLY job -- they can't fight, use magic, defend themselves, NOTHING -- all they can do is walk slowly and be a prime target for enemies). I've heard that as a multiplayer game, it's great, although good luck with the last boss. (As is obvious, I never finished the game.)

SonicPanda May 29, 2006

Made out like a bandit, myself. Snagged Dragon Quest, Ratchet, Jak, Metroid, and Crystal (which I KNOW sucks, but $10 assuages a lot of ills). Also found elsewhere a used copy of Jak 2, to complete the set. Add to this that the sack of 9 GBA games found at work back in February was finally released from Lost & Found into my custody and you have 15 games in one day, a personal best.

Had an incident with DQ that surprised me a little bit - as those who have the game know, the manual is kept outside the box. Opening the case, the first thing that you see is the FFXII demo and the manual for the demo (DQ lies underneath the demo. This offended me on an odd level, as if S-E was saying, "Yes, thank you for buying DQ, but we all know what you REALLY wanted, don't we?" To which I responded, "No you f---ing don't," bewildering bystanders only somewhat, and expunged both demo and manual from the case, restoring the DQ manual where it belonged. In retrospect, I'm a bit surprised at the level of annoyance I felt at that.  Having played it now, however, I feel vindicated, as the demo deserved no less than shameful exile. Let's leave it at that.

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