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XLord007 Sep 5, 2011 (edited Sep 5, 2011)

Squenix showed first gameplay footage of Dragon Quest X and it looks... dated.  I guess it's pretty for a Wii game, but this is a 2012 release and it would have been nice to see footage from the Wii U version instead (the Wii U version will allegedly have "powered up" graphics).  The game can is designed for online play and will have 3DS tag mode functionality even though there is no 3DS version.  Cross-compatibility with the two console versions is also in the cards.  USB keyboard and Classic Controller Pro are both supported along with some kind of USB memory add-on that will come with the game (rumored to be for DLC).  Two major things are still fuzzy: One, what kind of online game is this?  Is it a real MMO a la WoW or a small party MMO like Phantasy Star Online and Monster Hunter?  Two, when in 2012 is it coming out?  Will the Wii version launch first with a Wii U version later, will they ship at the same, and will the Wii U version be a launch title? 

Official site is here:

The trailer shown at the press conference should start popping up around the web soon.

Amazingu Sep 5, 2011

From what I gather it's supposedly Monster Hunter-esque.
I think that's what they were trying to do with 9, but the fan backlash was too big.

I don't see the "fans" taking news of an MMO DQ any better at all, so it's probably going to be smaller scale than that.
Never been much of a fan of the series, so it's neither here nor there for me.

XLord007 Sep 5, 2011

Two other tidbits have popped up: While the game can be completed without the help of other people, it can not be completed without an internet connection.  There's also a section in the specs that hints at the possibility of a subscription fee although it is listed as "TBD."

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